Nov 01 2005

Here you go, Greg. Netflix, order him up some SPORTS NIGHT!!

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Dana: You have good ideas a lot. I find myself saying, ‘Natalie’s got a good idea.’
Natalie: But you also find yourself saying ‘Natalie, if you screw that up again I’ll set you on fire.’
Dana:That’s true too, and yet it’s the good idea thing that I’m focusing on right now.
Dana: What was the last good idea you had?
Natalie: When I got up this morning I decided not to stick my hand in the blender.
Dana: That’s what I mean.


Dana: I think your job stinks. You get to create your own show, and make all the decisions, and have a big staff, and make a lot of money. That’s not for me, Isaac, I like to answer to people, I don’t want to create. When I get a thought it my head, I like it to die right there.


Issac: Dana, the things that I say in my office, stay in my office.
Dana: Natalie’s my second-in-command, she’s the only one I told.
Natalie: Jeremy’s my boyfriend, he’s the only one I told.
Jeremy: … I told many many people.


I love Sportsnight. You should all go rent Season 1.

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