Apr 04 2006

couple moments that make parenting all worth it. And give you fantastic stories for when they’re 17.

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Scene: Daddy and Jocelyn sitting at the table in the kitchen. Daddy flipping through a magazine keeping Jocelyn company while she finishes her dinner. Me and Ethan in the family room, him watching tv, and me crocheting.

No one has really said anything for a few minutes. Daddy is perusing his magazine, Ethan is totally absorbed in Dora’s manaical exuberance, Jocelyn focusing on what she loves best, filling her tummy with anything from cheerios, rice, chicken, small mammals, you know, whatever is on hand, though in this case I beleive it was carrot cake, when I hear floating out of the kitchen, with a very Jocelyn-esque pause between each word,

“You Robot, Daddy?”


Scene: Outside in our courtyard. Our kids and several other similar aged neighbor kids and zooming around on trikes, in wagons, in purple cars, and on foot. In Jocelyn’s case, on hopping feet. Parents are also present. I’m sitting on my neighbors porch steps when Ethan pulls up in a Cozy Coupe Car.

He very busily opens the door, steps out and says matter of factly as he runs over to me, “I just need to give you a kiss.”

He kisses me, and then informs me, “Now I need to get back in my car.” as he does so, and speeds off, leaving me in a flabbergasted puddle of mommyhood.

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