Jun 06 2006

Ways In Which I Can Totally Relate To Napolean Dynamite*

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  • The last song at most all the dances I went to (mormons are all about the youth dances), ended with Alphaville’s Forever Young.
  • I have (with my friends, and their boys) sent a boy on a scavenger hunt where at the end is the big, “Will you go to X dance/date with me?” I can think of 2 distinct times, once for Sadie Hawkins in High School, and the other in college.
  • I am secretly taking Glamour Shots photos in my basement.

Am I the only one who can totally relate to this whole movie, or are there others, out there, desperately seeking help?

* Guess which one of these isn’t true! When you get it right, you can go, “Yessssssss!”

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