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Nov 19 2006


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Apparently this Wii thing is a big deal.
Here’s a photo that’s clear.


Plus there’s a line!!

Taken at about 7pm at the fair oaks target in fairfax, va. talked to the first guy in line, and he arrived at 11:30 this morning.

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Nov 18 2006

Saturday at target

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UPDATE: Wow. Sorry. It looked like it would be legible on my phone. Boy was I wrong. I’ll get a better one and replace. I may be kooky, but I didn’t REALLY think you’d be interested in an image of blurry letters. (though you CAN kind of tell it’s about the Wii.)

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Nov 18 2006

friday lunch (with drinking) shenanigans

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This lunch was sometime last year, and I wrote this up and then didn’t post it for whatever reason. I thought I’d post it now.

“Ooohhhh, the second trimester is the best. that’s the trimester when you get randy.”
“randy? what are you, from the 70s?”

“ooh, i want some of your corn stuff.”
“me too, me too!”
“hey that was my fork! you used my fork!”
“well, I promise I don’t have germs.”
“oh, i’m not afraid of your germs.”
“ok, then maybe after we could kiss a little.”

“get all the sex now, in the 2nd trimester, because it could be a YEAR after that baby is born.”
“A YEAR!?!” (heard from all males at the table, except the ones with kids. ok, only 2 males exclaimed.)
“well, that’s going a bit far, but definitely a few months.”
“look at him. we just ruined his day.”
“it is a lot easier with the 2nd and 3rd baby.”
“yes but this is his FIRST baby! we have to prepare him!”
“when i get home, i’m getting busy.”

“so how about you, when was the last time you’ve had sex?”

“seriously, why so long? a few MONTHS?”
“she needs time and she shouldn’t be pressured.”
“but why that long?”
“all i’m saying, is don’t pressure her.”
“and get some good lube.”

“you’re totally exhausted all the time, you usually are covered in assorted baby drool, spitup or poop..”
“you’ve got a baby and your breasts are being sucked on all the time!”
“hell, she’s got that now.”

“i think we should drink at every friday lunch.”
“if we get some lesbian action, i’m all for it.”

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Nov 17 2006


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Nov 17 2006

good sport

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So yes, I’ve been pretty quiet this week. I’m still going to be quiet. But at least I can share a recent acquisition from I have the make-a-long doll patterns and want to make them for my kids for christmas, but really wasn’t feeling very motivated by the fabrics I have/have seen. They just left me kind of blah.

These fabrics have taken the blah out of me! Sorry for the graininess of the close-up photos, I took these when it was already dark out, so this is purely through the magic of tweaking the RAW file’s whitebalance.











Some people balance things on their dogs or their cats.

I like to put stuff on my husband.

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Nov 16 2006

my brother larry’s halloween costume

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blinky costume

My brother made this costume for Halloween. Blinky from Pac-Man. It is TOTALLY RAD.

-amy promises to write more today soon sometime in the future.

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Nov 09 2006

kind of grumpy.

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Despite the fact that the dude I voted for won, I am all in a grump this evening.

It could be because my body seems to be aging and has little aches and pains that make me feel OH SO OLD (I’m 32, btw.). I blame my OBGYNs from when I was pregnant, both times. Because when you are pregnant, you learn aaaaaaall about the vena whatever it is, and how if you lay on your LEFT side, you will have improved circulation which equals better blood pressure and better overall for the baby.

So you spend 9 months trying to remember, “which side was it? oh yeah. left. too late. i’m on the right side and it will take a crane to turn me over so this is as good as it gets” until eventually you remember and then ALWAYS sleep on your left side and now, I still fucking sleep on my left side. I don’t mean to. I just do. Jocelyn is TWO for crying out loud, and I’m still sleeping on my left side.
Well, my left shoulder is killing me. It’s been kind of giving me trouble for the last few weeks and I’ve ignored it like a champ, but this week, it REALLY hurts. Something is seriously wrong going on in the actual shoulder socket, and i’m sure it’s because that’s the side I always sleep on. Do chiropractors fix shoulder sockets? Somehow I doubt it. It’s all spinal column stuff they do. that means I’m going to have to go to the doctor and I don’t wanna. WAH!

Argh, yeah, I’m getting old.

So that’s a big part of the grumps, but also I know it’s because I went to bed waaaay too late, and for me, too little sleep = mopeyness.


I have the day off tomorrow, and I have so many things I want to do that it’s depressing me to think of all the things I won’t be able to do. Isn’t that depressing? I’m getting DEPRESSED OVER HAVING A DAY OFF. Jeez, I should get over myself. Grrrr. So yeah, anyway, I have the day off, but the kids’ school is still open, and James doesn’t have it off, so it’s just me! My own little day, all to myself! How to spend it! Oh the choices! What to do what to do!

Things I have to do:

make some baked goods and take them to the kids’ school tomorrow, for a bake sale taking place saturday
pick kids up from school

things to do – the A list

finish some totoros that have been in progress for, oh 2 months now
make-a-long dolls
go out to lunch with james and friends
go into dc and do some museum strolling
go shoot some photos (could be done with the museum strolling)
read my new design book
find my painting supplies
might need to buy some painting supplies

things to do – the B list

the mending (ethan has about 4 pairs of pants with big holes in the knees)
investigate picasa / sort through photos / convert some RAW stuff to jpg / deliberate on renewing flickr pro account
scan in some pages from newly (well, several months ago, they were newly) obtained books
find a bloglines/wordpress plugin to keep my blogroll updated
some dvd to ipod ripping
some general file cleanup and hard drive backing up
some audio cd backing up
mix CD for friends/relatives
yardwork, cleaning up dead annuals, tomato plants, lay down compost/mulch of some sort, compost now rotting jack-lanterns, purchase winter annuals, put them in

things to do – the C list

put away the mountain of laundry on our bed
clean up the house
go through the stacks of mail and magazines that are conveniently hidden on the lower shelf of our coffee table
clean the litter box
take down halloween decorations (minimal, actually)

You know, this list was good. It’s very clear to me now that I don’t want to spend time sitting around on the computer. I want to be creative and artsy fartsy. And I definitely don’t want to do house cleaning, even though I need to. I think I’ll get up, spend the morning sewing, go to lunch, head into DC for a few hours with my camera, and head back in time to get the kids from school. I will stay away from the computer all day.
Doh. Except I need to conjure up some baked goods. Well, I can do that in the morning too.

What would you do if you had a day (ok, more like 8 hours), all to yourself, to do whatever you like? Would you get all the laundry out of the way? Or ditch it all and go on an adventure? Laze around in your jammies? Do tell :)

-amy thinks it will be gingerbread cookies tomorrow. Yum.

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Nov 08 2006

will you please just make me stop talking about CLOTHES?


I don’t understand it.

It seems like I buy the kids clothes all the time. But Jocelyn has nothing to wear.

Last Friday, I thought it was because it was all dirty. But this weekend we’ve managed to cycle all but one load (and it’s whites, towels and dish/washclothes and things, not many clothes) through, and it’s all piled up on our bed. And tuesday morning? I rumaged through it, and found – NOTHING! The girl only has like, 3 shirts! I had to put Ethan’s sweater on her! It was the sweater I made him wear for school picture day, and he hates it. He saw me putting it on her, and instantly said, “She can wear my sweater mommy! It’s OK by me!” No kidding, sherlock.

Also.. at the end of the summer, I bought Jocelyn a few pairs of pants. 2T. Which are now (only 3 months later) way too small. They don’t really want to button around her big baby-tummy (babies have the cutest huge tummies. Jocelyn has still got hers. We used to call them frog-tummies), and she’s showing off her ankles to the cold elements, because they’re too short.

When she was a baby, I tried to cycle in some of Ethan’s too-small clothes into her wardrobe, but I soon stopped doing that, because not only is she NOT a boy, but she really does like *shudder* pink and girly things (i don’t mind the girly. just the pink). I do it with the non-gender things though, like jeans.

However, when James puts the laundry away (NOT THAT I AM COMPLAINING!) he sometimes looks at something and still assumes it’s Ethan’s without looking at the size tag.

And then we have this:

It’s hard to tell how SHORT these are on him, so we tried a few different poses:

I should have gotten a shot of him in the car, sitting in his carseat, which made them rise up to his shins.


So, along with my stinky tarty school marm shoes, I got some new pants a week or so ago. I took a look at my closet and realized that it was mostly skirts, and I need some more pants to through into the mix. I like flirty skirts, but not EVERY day. So I got me 3 pairs of nice pants, and since I have my tarty school marm shoes with the high heels, I got them long. They’d be too long with normal shoes, but with the shoes, they’re just about 1-1 1/2 inches from the ground. They are very swishy and make me feel oh so grown up. Which is important when you need to convince other people that you are grown up and don’t fantasize about doing cartwheels down the hallway at work. Oh no, not ME. I’m grown up! See? I have the pants to prove it! Too bad I shoot it all to hell coming in on casual Friday with jeans, flip-flops and a Seattle Opera t-shirt.

So, anyway. One pair in particular have a very wide leg, and are possibly a smidge TOO long. Because of this, I think of that movie, “House of Flying Daggers” where in the fan dance (at least in the commercials, i haven’t seen it) the girl has to like, toss her huge long kimono sleeve out away from her body like a yo-yo. and then pull it back in to her body to do it again and again and again.

Those are my pants. Yo-yo flying dagger pants. One step, out they go! SWISH! Other leg comes forward, it’s their turn! SWISH! yeah, you don’t want to be in my head when I’m wearing these pants. It’s like I’m a gay man with all that SWISHING.

I just had a discussion with james on whether it is normal to give as many little names to objects and people as I do. Can you say stinky tarty school marm shoes? Can you say yo-yo flying dagger pants?

He said, No. Not normal. You are a freak.

I said, I don’t care… Borg-boy.


Our internet was out all day today, and some of last night too. The first part of this post was actually meant to be posted last night. But no inkernet. Sniff. Since all our mail and websites and domains and databases and file servers and kitchen sinks and kittens and puppies are hosted right on computers in our basement (heretoforE known as “james’ borg collective”), if our basement has no internet connection, well, not only can we not look at stuff on the internet, well, no one can look at us! or email us! or wash their hands in our kitchen sink! or pet a kitty or puppy! ok, not those last things, but you get the general frustrating idea.

so our interweb connection is back up now, and thank god, because all the bits and bobs coming through the series of tubes was sorely missed!


Um. Frak.

Never mind.. I changed my mind. Maybe tomorrow.


-amy breathes a sigh of relief ahhhhhhhhhhhh interweb sooooo goooooooood

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Nov 07 2006

self portrait tuesday

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And I need to pluck my eyebrows!


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Nov 06 2006

No NaBloPoMo

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I was thinking about participating in NaBloPoMo. National Blog Posting Month, where you try to post something every day. I’m all for it, but was a little bit uncertain about my ability to do it. I thought, well, I will try to do it, and we’ll see how it goes, but I’m not going to make myself a slave or anything. As you can see this weekend, I didn’t post, so there goes that. Oh well.

I got my sewing machine back this weekend, and I’m excited to start some projects and finish up some others. The problem is, I have to pretty much work on the kitchen table, which of course, we need to eat at. when I was doing Jocelyn’s costume, we ate in the living room in front of the TV a few times, which is never a good precedent to set. So I was thinking about this problem, and suggested to James that maybe I could move my computer (which is in our guest room) downstairs to a corner of his office, which would free up the table which I could then move downstairs and use as a work table. He laughed. His office is a mess. I laughed too. Then we packed up the kids and went to Ikea to get another table. Ethan was very excited. He loves Ikea. When we were on vacation at the beach in CT, one morning I asked him what he thought we should do that day, and he said “LET’S GO TO IKEA!!!” So we went. Balls were played in. Pictures colored. Little play houses played in. Items obtained in the warehouse. I’m a big dumb, however. I got little storage shelvey thingees to use to support either side of the table top instead of legs… but I forget to get 2 of them. So I’ll have to go back and get another one. Ethan will be so happy.
Jocelyn amazing me sometimes. OK, all the time. but this was one time specifically.

It was a weekend morning in the past week or so, and I was downstairs with the kids while James showered and got ready upstairs. I was doing something on my computer. Ethan and Jocelyn were playing by themselves remarkably well, Ethan engrossed in some construction project, and Jocelyn busy “going to work! see you next week!” with her dolly and her stroller. Soon Jocelyn started checking in with me, requiring my input.

“Look at dolly, mommy! She’s wearing a cowgirl hat!”

“She sure is, what a great cow-girl!”

Attention back to computer. This went on for a few minutes, and then Jocelyn started playing with a train. You push down a certain part of it, and then it will zoom forward. She was enthralled and wanted me to be enthralled too.

“Come see Thomas, mommy!” (all trains are thomas to her)

“Maybe in a minute honey, I’m trying to do some work.”

She kept playing for a minute or two, and then I looked up to see her standing quietly at the side of the couch looking at me.

“Can you not work now mommy?” she said. And then I died from the cuteness. She said it so politely, and so ernestly. She wanted me to stop working and come play with her.

“I sure can, sweetie.” I closed the computer and went to see just what this Thomas train could do.

This is why I’m glad I didn’t do any committing to NaBloPoMo.

I sure can go and play.


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