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Nov 10 2010

Dear Jocelyn,

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Look at you! You have grown so much, into your own little person. That’s the kind of statement someone says about a much younger child, maybe a 3 or 4 year old, not someone 6 going on 7. Maybe it’s because you’ll always be my baby. But you are so uniquely you that I marvel at it every day.

You are almost always happy (except of course, when you are not (ha!)).

When I pick you up at daycare after my workday is done, I always ask, “How was your day today?”

And you always reply in the same way. A singing voice proclaims, “AWE-SOME!”

In fact, on the days that you say simply, “Good.” or “Fine.” You stop and correct yourself, “No! It was — AWE-SOME!” in that same sing-song voice.
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Nov 08 2010

Blog Carnival: How I got started in my craft

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November kicks off a first for one of the Etsy teams I’m a part of — CREST (Capital Region Etsy Street Team!) a blog CARNIVAL!

This first month’s topic is: “How did you get started in your craft?”

I had started with simple stringing — beads on beading wire, remaking projects from a book.

It was when I took a class at a local bead store, Stars Beads. It was a simple wire wrapping class, which was a fantastic way to learn the basics of wire wrapping, loops, wrapped loops, clasps, pins — you name it! It was a fantastic start, and like a race horse champing at the bit, I wanted more.
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Nov 04 2010

Celtic Visions / Celtic Visions Star Pendant tutorial

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I love making chainmaille jewelry, and I love teaching it as well. Full caveat, I sell my own jump rings and kits, so I offer this free chainmaille tutorial to be able to point my customers and students to use as a reference. More tutorials will be forthcoming as my time allows.
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