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Jan 12 2011

Last chance to take one of my classes in the DC Metro area

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As you may or may not know, James and I will be moving our family to Denver, CO this summer. (ahem. I haven’t been that prolific on this here blog, of late, so if you didn’t know, uhh…. now you know! We’re plannin’ a move, and are very excited about it!)

Which means this will be my last term teaching at Stars Beads in the Washington DC metro area! (Northern VA to be exact.)

I decided to make my very last class at Stars, a project that is very near to my heart, and also one of my best selling kits – the Shenandoah pendant. In every one of my classes, there is always someone that spots this piece and asks when it will be taught in a class. For some reason, I’ve always held back on making a class for it, but if you are one of these folks who have begged me for it — now’s your chance! I decided I might as well go out with a bang for my very last class at Stars — my “going away” class, if you will, we will be making the Shenandoah Pendant.

I’ve also added another new class – full persian. This one will be lots of fun, I just love this weave, it’s so slinky and SEXY!

I’m also doing some old favorites — Celtic Visions bracelet, and the Celtic Visions Star Pendant, and Byzantine Love Knot bracelet.

With the price of sterling silver reaching for the sky, I will be bringing project kits in sterling, copper, and jewelry brass to all my classes so that you can pick whatever metal you like, and even mix them up.

Hope to see you there!!

byzantine love knots bracelet celtic visions bracelet full persian bracelet
Saturday, January 22, 10-2pm
Byzantine Love Knots Bracelet class

Stars Beads
Vienna, VA

Saturday, January 29, 10-2pm
Celtic Visions Bracelet class
Stars Beads

Vienna, VA

Saturday, February 12, 10-2pm
Full Persian Bracelet class
Stars Beads
Vienna, VA
Celtic Visions Star Pendant byzantine love knots bracelet
Sunday, February 13, 12-4pm

Celtic Visions Star Pendant class
Stars Beads
Vienna, VA

Last Going Away Class!
Sunday, April 3, 12-4pm

Shenandoah Pendant class
Stars Beads
Vienna, VA

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Nov 08 2010

Blog Carnival: How I got started in my craft

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November kicks off a first for one of the Etsy teams I’m a part of — CREST (Capital Region Etsy Street Team!) a blog CARNIVAL!

This first month’s topic is: “How did you get started in your craft?”

I had started with simple stringing — beads on beading wire, remaking projects from a book.

It was when I took a class at a local bead store, Stars Beads. It was a simple wire wrapping class, which was a fantastic way to learn the basics of wire wrapping, loops, wrapped loops, clasps, pins — you name it! It was a fantastic start, and like a race horse champing at the bit, I wanted more.
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Nov 04 2010

Celtic Visions / Celtic Visions Star Pendant tutorial

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I love making chainmaille jewelry, and I love teaching it as well. Full caveat, I sell my own jump rings and kits, so I offer this free chainmaille tutorial to be able to point my customers and students to use as a reference. More tutorials will be forthcoming as my time allows.
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Oct 08 2010

Cleaning your Copper Jewelry

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Yesterday, someone purchased this lovely copper byzantine romanov bracelet from my Etsy shop. It was one of my (rare) one of a kind pieces, and also was one of the first chainmaille pieces I made. I must say, I’m quite attached to it and a tear almost came to my eye when I sent it off into the postal system! An entirely different feeling from seeing it languish at craft shows wondering, “Why doesn’t anyone else love it as I do?” — see, I’m fickle and just can’t be pleased, Regardless, I’m sure it will be cherished by it’s lucky new owner!

This is the bracelet – I named it Autumn Splendor. It really is “micro” chainmaille, as the rings used are quite tiny – 20 gauge wire, wrapped around a 2.75mm mandrel, and then precision cut with my saw. The entire piece is really sweet and dainty, especially with the little swarovski crystals I used to compliment the copper colors.
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Sep 03 2010

Upcoming CRAFT SHOW(s)!!

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Since the last 3 posts is probably the MOST I’ve written in my blog for the last YEAR combined, I think I should probably keep up the momentum, don’t you? ๐Ÿ™‚

Least you think the only thing I’ve been worrying about is copyright issues, I have a craft show in ONE WEEK! And 2 more coming after that, though not all at once, thank goodness.

And.. ahem.. I haven’t really been worrying about it ENOUGH!

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Sep 03 2010

Copyright and Chainmaille

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Now that I have had a few days to reflect on all of this, and read through other’s comments on copyright in chainmaille, I thought I’d outline my thoughts on the matter.

This has raised interesting and valid copyright questions. If a weave is freely available to all, because it’s a “construction technique”… then at what point does one’s designs become copyrightable?

I think a few of the ones Sara copyrighted qualifies, but not all. One of the copyrighted designs is just a length of the Stepping Stones (SS) weave hanging from a chain. If she states that the SS weave itself is not enforced and belongs to the community, then how could that that particular piece be copyrighted/enforced, if there are no changes made to it other than hanging it from a chain? (I am in no way trying to state that she is attempting to do so, I’m using this recent situation to discuss the copyright issues at hand.)

But I mean really, when we are all using the same weaves as our starting point, at what point after that does ones pieces become copyrightable?
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Sep 01 2010

My Infringing Days Are Behind Me!

Since posting about my copyright infringement saga, a number of people have come to my defense, and the entire internet drama has really reached a clamor and come to a head. I want to repost a few things here for the record.

I really don’t want to get into the background of what’s been happening before and after I published my previous post in the mailling community (and I recognize there’s lots of other places other than the maille artisans site) but there is an entire thread on weave restrictions going on here, on the Maille Artisans site, which you can read if you like. I do want to point out a few things in this situation, and in so doing, I’ll just repost a post I made to that thread:
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Aug 31 2010

copyright infringement โ€“ yeah, I donโ€™t think so.

I find myself in the very interesting position of being accused of copyright infringement.

Specifically, these pieces:

shenandoah pendant

shenandoah pendant
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Aug 19 2010


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I have been going a little nutty over bangle bracelets. I can’t tell you how satisfying and fun it is to make a whole slew of them! About a month ago I had a hankering for a nice thick bangle, one with some real weight to it and today I’ve finally listed my Thick Bangle in copper, brass and sterling silver!

I also managed to photograph and list my (normal thickness) brass bangles, which have been sitting patiently on my photography table waiting for their turn in the spotlight, so you can also check those out.


Why yes, I’m so glad you asked!

I’m very excited to annouce that Julie who writes Inspired Shares approached me with praise and gushing for my shop, and asked about doing a giveaway for my thick brass bangle and I, drunk with flattery, gleefully agreed! Visit her blog to see how you can enter to win! I love the items and sites she has featured in the past – the Supermarket Sarah post especially – Love that bathroom!

I’ll have some more jewelry news in a few weeks, in time for fall. Summer has flown by!

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Apr 27 2010

Prius, Jewelry, and Surgery

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I recently both crashed my 4Runner, and purchased a Prius. It was needing the time to detailing these events on the blog that has kept me from updating for so long, but no more! You get the short version, so that I can just blog already!

After the first 3 weeks of desperately gliding and pulsing and watching the energy/MPG screen compulsively to try to get my MPG over 50, I’ve settled down into driving fairly normally (at about 45MPG), smugly smiling and shaking my head at the people who BOLT like they’re at a starting line at a light only for me to catch up to them in 10 yards at the next light (NOTE: I WAS TOTALLY THAT GUY WHO BOLTED), and finally, crusing in the HOV lane with giddy delight every day, thanks to the hybrid laws in VA. (NOTE: OH PLEASE RENEW THIS LAW NEXT YEAR TOO KTHANKXBYE)

I sometimes think about my beloved 4Runner, in the scrap yard, airbags deployed, lonely and abandoned. She was a damn fine truck, and I still miss her. She was 10 years old, but we were planning on keeping her until she couldn’t run anymore, which probably could have been another 10 years.

Jewelry Stuff

I have been amassing tools and supplies, but haven’t gotten quite down to the MAKING of all my grandiose visions yet. I bought myself a Big Girl Torch – like the one I use in class, instead of the little creme brule butane one I managed with at home. And have used it exactly once! Some of my ideas have come to fruition though, namely, my eyeball ring, pink moonglow ring, and several samples for classes which I’ll be teaching in the summer — like this dragonscale pendant, and these interupted byzantine earrings. Shiny!

Also purchased: a alphanumeric stamping set and I have been desperately wanting to stamp “ZOMGWTFBBQ” on something. Also: “PWNED” Any other ideas, I’ll take em! Stay tuned!

After a year of moaning and complaining, I am going to have surgery on my foot this Thursday. The irony? My foot feels AWESOME this week, like nothing’s wrong with it. Wish me luck!

After almost two years, James and I are going to get new Google Droid Incredible phones. I am sure I will be very excited for about 3 months and then settle down and do nothing but play Sudoku and deposit checks online with the USAA app (which is pretty much all I do with my iPhone now!)

-amy is going to try to get back into this here journaling stuff

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