Jun 27 2008

no phone. *sniff*

As you may or may not know, I stash things in my bra from time to time.

Yesterday I worked from home, and when quittin’ time came ’round, I made up some PBJs, tossed some grapes in a tupperware, filled up some water bottles, and stuffed all the various swimming paraphenalia into a bag. I went upstairs and got my swimming suit on, went downstairs grabbed all the stuff, stuck my keys and my phone in the top of my swimming suit and took off to get the kids. They were very excited to go to the pool.

And of course, I forgot about my phone, in my suit, until after I was in the pool.

It’s dead now. Completely defunct.

I am eligible to get a new phone but they’d probably try to lock me down to a 2 yr contract and James and I are eyeing the new i-phone. I know we shouldn’t get them, because aside from the $400 bucks for 2 phones, the monthly bill would be a lot more than we’re paying now because we’d have to add a data plan for each of us. I get mad at our cell phone bill NOW and if we got iphones it would be $60 BIGGER.. Grr.

But with no phone now, and the new i-phone coming out in 2 weeks for only $199… Well, I’m making no promises.

The saddest part? Whenever I got a new phone, I was going to keep this one to be my bedside sudoku game phone. Hmph.


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