Apr 11 2008

militant atheist anti flickr doughnuts

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j: i went to lunch with my militant atheist friend today.
a: kurt?
j: *laugh* yeah, kurt.
a: *laugh*
j: where’d you go?
a: rubino’s.
j: ahh.
j: we got a pizza.
j: and fries.
j: … and chocolate chip cookies.
a: okay then!
j: You wouldn’t think those would go together, but at this place they do.
j: Oh, and garlic knots.
a: Garlic knots? like they tied the bread dough in a knot? and slathered with garlic butter?
j: Yes. As long as they don’t go overboard on the garlic butter, they are gooood.
a: that reminds me. you know what i’m looking forward to?
j: what?
a: on sunday? at the carnival?
j: what?
a: funnel cake. mmmm.
j: that is all you.
a: you don’t like funnel cake?
j: i’ve never tried funnel cake.
a: That is flabbergasting. you are THE DOUGHNUT guy. You love doughnuts. You know what funnel cake is, right? It’s like doughnuts covered in powdered sugar. Only crispier. It’s like crispy powdered sugar covered heaven.
a: Although, you do have to be careful when you’re eating them, or you can inhale the powdered sugar. Not fun.
j: have you heard about what’s going on on flickr?
a: no. what’s going on on flickr?
j: they’re beta testing video now. like, 90 seconds long, you know the kind you can take with a still digital camera.
a: cool! i have a bunch of those!
j: some people do not like this. they are upset.
a: really?
j: there is an ANTI Flickr video group. On flickr.
a: ok.
j: and there’s an ANTI ANTI flickr video group.
a: Heh.
j: on flickr.
a: hee hee!
j: And now another group has started up, and it is the We Demand Doughnuts flickr group.
a: *laugh*
j: And flickr announced that anyone from the We Demand Doughnuts group that would meet at some doughnut shop at a predetermined time in san francisco…. would get doughnuts.
a: awesome.
a: i love flickr.

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