May 08 2008

a load off my mind

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Every year we usually have the kids’ birthday parties at home or close to home (neighborhood park).

Every year I stress out about a myriad of things.

What activities will we do? Who will come? We need to clean the house! We need to get food & cake & pizza! Oh, and what will we do?

I don’t just stress once and then am done stressing. I stress out, every day, for a month beforehand, until the whole thing is OVER.

Well, for Ethan’s birthday this year (tomorrow!), what with my folks’ imminent arrival and all the soccer! tball! choir! and did i mention parents!? We decided to go ahead with the expensive party at a venue. We chose a place with those big inflatable bouncers & slides and whatnot. The cost has always been the big detriment to me in the past, becuase it’s not a small sum! However, since we’re on a budget, I know exactly how much we cost on Jocelyns “at home” party, including all the food, goodie bags, and a cleaning service to come the day before, and it was more than I have been leading myself to believe in the past. I’m not saying Ethan’s is less (it’s not, it’s still more, as we’re paying for the place and yet still buying goodie bag stuff, pizza, drinks, and the cake) but I gotta tell you…

I have not worried about this party for a minute. It has been AWESOME! AND, we were able to invite his entire class, which we definitely would not have done if it were held at home (though probably yes, at a park).

So yes, we’re forking over a bit more money than we would have doing it at home. But even being on a budget, I have to say it is ENTIRELY WORTH IT!

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