May 08 2008

those crazy kids…

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Two of my older brothers are getting ready to have the time of their lives.

This weekend is the 24 hours of LeMons race in California. I wish I could be there! My brother Joe first roped my brother Larry into joining his team last year. This year, they will be there with each of their own team/car. They’ve both been blogging about it (although Larr a bit more than Joe, *cough* *getwithitjoseph* *cough*)

Joseph’s team: Snowspeeder
Larry’s team: Volatile RAM

Here’s a couple of photos of Joe’s car complete with star wars geekiness rebel alliance logo on the side (I am married to the hugest SW geek ever, thus, I know these things), and here are some from Larry’s, who did a dandy paint job featuring many of those loved old arcade games, pac-man, blinky, & a space invaders alien.

I love this photo Larry took on their test run. I’d ask him if I could make it into a banner for Crazymokes, but I guess it’s not very applicable to THIS site…

I’ll be thinking of you guys this weekend! Have a blast! Don’t hurt yourselves!

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