Aug 19 2008

my favorite late summer recipe

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  1. Go out to your garden, gather up a whole mess of cherry tomatoes.
  2. Snip off a big bunch of basil.
  3. Go back inside to your kitchen, and get out a box of plain couscous. Follow the directions for the whole box. (I’ve made it with both water and broth and haven’t found any big difference.
  4. While it’s sitting, rinse your tomatoes & basil, cut the tomatoes in half and chop up the basil. Inhale deeply, because that late summer basil smell = SO GOOD!
  5. Pop a lemon or two into the microwave for about 10-15 seconds (makes them easier to juice!) Slice in half, position a mesh strainer over a bowl and squeeze. Bang the seeds into the trash and toss the strainer into the sink.
  6. Take your bowl of lemon juice, add a pinch of kosher salt, some black pepper, your chopped up basil, and a swirl or two of extra virgin olive oil. Whisk.
  7. By now your couscous has absorbed all the liquid, and may have even melded itself into a pan-shape (if you were doing it in a pan that is). Pour it into a new bowl, fluffing with fork as you go. If you have some chunks that won’t fluff (because it melded itself into the pan-shape) no biggie. They’re yummy too.
  8. Pour your basily-lemony dressing over the top, add the tomatoes, combine gently and then dig in.
  9. I think this is supposed to be chilled, but I usually can’t wait.
  10. Also, this is good the next day, but significantly LESS lemony, so plan to add more lemon juice, if you want.
  11. Last thing – if you do all this when the couscous is still hot, the basil will lose some of it’s super-greenness, especially if you keep leftovers. It won’t affect the taste, but if you want it to stay pretty, cool the couscous first.

So yummy. I’m all out now (used store tomatoes) and need to make more. Hopefully I will have nice red tomatoes in my garden now ready to be EATEN.

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May 08 2008

those crazy kids…

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Two of my older brothers are getting ready to have the time of their lives.

This weekend is the 24 hours of LeMons race in California. I wish I could be there! My brother Joe first roped my brother Larry into joining his team last year. This year, they will be there with each of their own team/car. They’ve both been blogging about it (although Larr a bit more than Joe, *cough* *getwithitjoseph* *cough*)

Joseph’s team: Snowspeeder
Larry’s team: Volatile RAM

Here’s a couple of photos of Joe’s car complete with star wars geekiness rebel alliance logo on the side (I am married to the hugest SW geek ever, thus, I know these things), and here are some from Larry’s, who did a dandy paint job featuring many of those loved old arcade games, pac-man, blinky, & a space invaders alien.

I love this photo Larry took on their test run. I’d ask him if I could make it into a banner for Crazymokes, but I guess it’s not very applicable to THIS site…

I’ll be thinking of you guys this weekend! Have a blast! Don’t hurt yourselves!

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