Apr 04 2011

Chainmaille Tutorial: Shenandoah Pendant

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Pssst! I also have a VIDEO TUTORIAL of this piece!
I taught a class for this pendant this past weekend, as my final class in VA! The ladies were all so sweet and fantastic, joking that they would miss me so much they’d have to road trip out to wherever we land in the Denver area so they could keep taking my classes! It was a great class, but very bittersweet. I’m going to miss teaching at Star’s Beads!

This can be worn on a chain as a pendant, or you can make two, attach earwires, and wear them as earrings! I also have a matching bracelet that I also sell a kit for. I’m hoping to post a bracelet tutorial as well, but it will probably not be for a while. One can use this tutorial and easily adapt it for the bracelet if wished.

If anything is unclear or needs more direction, please let me know so I can improve the tutorial! If you make something, I’d love to hear your feedback and pictures!
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Sep 01 2010

My Infringing Days Are Behind Me!

Since posting about my copyright infringement saga, a number of people have come to my defense, and the entire internet drama has really reached a clamor and come to a head. I want to repost a few things here for the record.

I really don’t want to get into the background of what’s been happening before and after I published my previous post in the mailling community (and I recognize there’s lots of other places other than the maille artisans site) but there is an entire thread on weave restrictions going on here, on the Maille Artisans site, which you can read if you like. I do want to point out a few things in this situation, and in so doing, I’ll just repost a post I made to that thread:
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