Jul 23 2008

war games

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Remember “Would you like to play a game, Professor?”
Remember the W.H.P.P.R.?
Remember Defcon 5??
Remember Global Thermonuclear War?

You don’t?

YOU DON’T?????

Well that’s ok. Because tomorrow is the 25th anniversary (ok, i feel old now) of War Games, and it’s playing at a theatre near you! One night only, check it out! Go see it and refresh your rusty old memory!

Will I be going? I damn sure want to be going. But I’m going somewhere tonight and I have a thing on Friday and hmm, my kids *might* want to see me at some point.

BUT IT’S WAR GAMES! I don’t know about you, but War Games is right up there with Sixteen Candles, Better off Dead, and, hell, Labyrinth!

I don’t know though. I’m thinking it’s call-the-sitter time and hit the movies!


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