Oct 16 2019

Sock making maniac – file depository!

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Here’s a handy dandy link page for sourcing just about anything I refer to in my sock making videos:

  • Youtube Channel: Amy the Sockmaker
  • Big CSM FB group: Circular Sock Machine Knitters 2.0 is always there for anyone who needs help or advice. They are great people with a great love of all things sock machine.
  • Erlbacher Gearhart made my 1:1 ratio Speedster sock machine and I adore it and this company!
  • The Circular Sock Knitting Machine Society is a great non profit org that you should definitely join if you make socks – dedicated to helping and preserving sock machine knowledge.
  • Acrylic hand turned CSM handles: seek out Celeste Angello in the FB group
  • Counter weight for CSMs who have custom handles installed: seek out David Huelstrom in the FB group
  • Embroidered CSM machine dust covers and drip floor mats: A Creative Eclectic on Etsy she does great work and is also from Colorado!
  • the custom color of my machine is Orchid Lavendar from Prismatic Powder
  • I use these magic clips to pop on the cam shaft and make the machine quieter (only works when knitting in the round, not heels/toes)
  • I followed these instructions on the Colorado Cranker’s blog to make my soft weights. My big weight is 3lbs, my 3 heel fork weights are 8oz, 8oz, and 10oz (I don’t know why I did that, I would just make them all 8oz if I were to do them again). I used BBs/shot (the kind you load into a BB gun), old doubled over commercial socks initially, and made covers for the weights after shot started leaking out of the socks after a year
  • Juana’s 1×1 Selvage

Files I made for tracking / planning my sock making:

  • Here is my Sock Log sheet that I use for every pair of socks I make:
  • I’ve also created a “foot sizing” worksheet to determine how many rows to knit for the foot to get a correct size. I have not revisited this form since last year so use at your own risk. I have still had some issues with getting the right size, but I think that’s due to variances in yarn stretchiness. Still, it’s a good resource just for learning how to make the right size (even if more testing is needed).
  • And finally, once I figure out the optimal tension of a yarn, I have a log to jot it down, along with other yarn specifics, such as yardage per 100g, how many rows per inch, foot rows (for me), etc. Here is that form:

OK, that’s it! Hope you enjoy šŸ™‚

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  1. Janon 28 Dec 2019 at 6:03 pm

    New CSM user here. Iā€™m enjoying your videos and have subscribed to your channel. Would you please consider discussing your soft weights and maybe demonstrate how you made them. Thank you