Jan 11 2006

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This is tough. I know about me already, so it’s hard to try to figure out what others might want to know about me. First, some quick links:

We’ll also try a list style, though I know I’ll never get up to the usual internet “101 things” blather.

  1. I like to write on this website because it helps me clear my head and allows me to work better, play better, think better, create better, and just be better. It’s like, once I vomit up the thoughts in my brain, once they’re out and down on paper (ok, internet paper), I can dismiss them and go on to other things. A better name for this blog might be brain vomit. But that isn’t very appealing, is it? Crazy mokes – much better.
  2. My name is Amy. I sometimes use “raine” as an internet handle/nickname. I am 36 years old, and have been married to my husband James since May 1999. I kept my surname. We have been together since 1995, so over a decade now. I use our real names on this site, but (I think, anyway) don’t use our last names, even though someone could probably find them out if they wanted. (Oh well.) Our son Ethan was born in May of 2002, and our daughter Jocelyn in March of 2004. We are done having kids, 2 is enough for us. We live in the suburbs of DC, in northern Virginia. I was working as a web designer when Ethan was born, went back to work when he was 7 weeks old (and yes, that sucked) was laid off when he was 7 months old (and cheered for joy), and stayed home for the next 3(ish) years. I went back to work fall 2005, before Jocelyn turned 2 (march 2006), pretty much out of financial necessity. I love working. I also hate being a working mom. And, I love being a working mom. It’s a paradox. It sucks, and yet it saves me, all at the same time.
  3. Did I get all those basics out of the way for you? Hmmm. I think so.
  4. Anything else? I think that covers all the things that are basically documented here.. I tend to get kind of depressed and mopey when I don’t get enough sleep. I also tend to get VERY long winded (when I’m tired, I mean. Not that I’m not otherwise, too, but .. oh shoosh). This often results in my talking James’ ear off at an hour of the night when we should be sleeping, but it also means I get pretty prolific here on this site. I also type very fast, which leads to a lot of typos sometimes. I also don’t bother with capitals when I really get going. Sometimes I go back and fix these lil things, but more often, I simply post what I’ve written w/out editing, because editing screws with my head and makes me want to not post at all, and that’s no fun. So basically what with all the rambling and the talking and the run on sentences and the parenthetical asides and footnotes and typos and BLATENT disregard for proper capitalization and spell check – really it is crazy, CRAZY, I TELL YOU. GET OUT. GET OUT NOW, WHILE YOU STILL CAN.

I hope you’ll leave a comment, or e-mail me (at crazymokes at gmail dot com), as I’m crazy for the knowledge that anyone actually reads all this blather and might even enjoy it. I am also crazy with the reading of blogs, so feel free to pass yours along and I will check it out.

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