May 20 2008

semi-fabricated conversation

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him: I think they’re not bad.
me: Sit. Let me see.
(he sits.)
me: I HATE that. I HATE it when people sit down and their pants go up above their ankles. I don’t get it. They’re 34, right?
him: 32.
me: 32??? 32? What was I THINKING? That is pants for like a 6′ man, not a 6’5″ man!
him: heh.
me: Those are way too short. If I die, DO NOT EVER buy pants like that.
him. If you die, I’m going to get me a NEW wife, and it will be HER decision.
me: No. She will agree with me. This is a rule for everyone.
him: What if she doesn’t?
me: Then you married the wrong woman.
him: Her? or maybe YOU?!
me: Do you EVER want to have sex again?

-amy confides that only 15% of this conversation is fabricated. Can you guess which?

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