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Jan 18 2008

The Important Things In Life

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I have to admit that I tend to be 2 things.

I am fickle, and I am obsessive.

These two things are not necessarily bad things, but they sometimes aren’t good.

I latch on to something and obsess about it until I have squoozen (it’s a word!)(ok not so much) out all of it’s juicy goodness.

Then I get bored and need something new to latch on to. Let’s face it people, it’s amazing that this blog isn’t all cobwebby, because I just as probably could have forgotten about it 2 months after I started it!

I just have to say, it’s a good thing I am still married! It must be the sex. One can never get bored with good sex.


OK, so in the past few years, a few of these obsessions can be pointed out. Of course there’s Project Skinny which I’m just not going to get into lest I cry myself to sleep tonight. I’ll just say that this is gonna be my year!

Last fall I got all design crazy planning out how to kit out our newly-floored basement. (Which I really should follow up on and post some pictures.)

Last Christmas I read every photography website on the interweb trying to determine which piece of photographic equipment I should get next.

And now lately, I have been scurrying around reading personal finance blogs, listening to finance podcasts and going all crazy with the google spreadsheets. =SUM! =PRODUCT!

This is me! I latch on, and I obsess! and then 2 months go by, and I am on to the next thing.

I think though, that I have been neglecting to report on the one obsession I have had my entire life. It is one thing that I will never ever grow weary of. Long before I had the most adorable children on earth and a damn sexy husband, I have had this obsession.

When I was growing up, we had a Thanksgiving tradition. We would go around the table, and state something we were thankful.

When I was 12, I said, “I’m thankful for my hair.”

31 years later, and I still haven’t lived that statement down.

That’s right, people, I’m talking about my hair.

So while I have set down some goals for 2008, Important, Adult, and Very Mature Goals, I think it’s important to put this one down in writing as well:

I want red hair by the end of the year. If that is impossible, then at least by my 2009 birthday.

I’m glad we were able to cover the important things in life.

Thank you, and good night.

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Jan 10 2008

january goal progress

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I pledged not to buy food at work, in January. Except for group lunches, I was going to eat breakfast at home, and bring in leftovers for lunch. No buying food.

I have really done well. we’re near the end of the 2nd week (of a 4.5 week month). I have also been trying to plan out our dinners for the week, so that makes it easier as well. When there’s leftovers in the fridge, it’s easy to grab them on the way to work.

Breakfast is tough for me, because I am always in a hurry. Even when there’s plenty of time, I just want to get out of the house already. My old habit was to stop at McDonald’s and get an egg mcmuffin and a diet coke. While looking at this habit from a weight loss point of view, it really wasn’t terrible. It’s not a bad nutritional start to the day, as long as you count it for what it is. However, looked at from a financial point of view, it is a HORRIFIC habit to have. It’s roughly $4 for that meal, and 5x a week for 4 weeks is $80. Times 12 months and it’s $960 for the year! Wouldn’t I much rather spend $960 on something much more substantial? YES I WOULD! And this is only breakfast, I was also spending $5-10 on lunch!

So because I’m always in RUSH RUSH RUSH mode in the morning, it’s tough to sit down and eat breakfast. Just in case I forget, I brought a box of instant oatmeal to work, so I would have no excuses to stop anywhere on my way in. If I hadn’t eaten breakfast, I could just eat at work! Look at that, I actually thought ahead!

But today we have my first mis-step. Last night we had rotisserie chicken (from costco) but I did nothing with it afterward, and was in too much of a rush this morning to throw something in a tupperware for lunch today… and here it is, lunch time.


Other goals – the photo thing is going well, the trip to DC was definitely worth a few photos, but now I’m at the last of my pre-posted photos and need to get out and shoot some more! I don’t *want* to use blurry camera phone photos for project 366, but I will if it comes to that! And then you’ll be sorry!

The key is to prepare! Prepare prepare prepare!

later, i gots to go find some lunch.

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