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Apr 13 2011

Pretzel boy

In case you haven’t heard, we’re moving to Colorado this summer.

Which means we need to sell this house. Which means we need to get it ready, just like the little piggy, for market.

So the last two weekends have been avoiding the house like crazy while workman paint it from head to toe, and then install carpet from head to toe.

Have I ever told you how awesome new carpet is? Ours was AWFUL. And so the new carpet is doubly sweet! It’s sooo beautiful!

Also? Big empty rooms with newly laid carpet is perfect for fiddling around on the floor.

Ethan likes to just settle into a certain position that makes me cock my head to the side and say, “Whaaa?? HOW?!”
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Feb 26 2011

Never ask your husband questions you already know the answer to, deep down in your gut.

Amy: Here, look at these photos. One of these 6 photos have got to go.

James: The first one.

Amy: The first one? NO. No. The first one is NOT going. Look, there’s no other photos like that one. It’s got to stay. Look at these last 3, one of these three have got to go.

James: Then why didn’t you say one of those three had to go, instead of one of all six had to go?

Amy: Because I thought you would have enough SENSE to see that it would HAVE to be one of the last three!

James: …

Amy: …

James: The middle one.

Amy: Yeah. The middle one.


And here, I show you, the photo that got axed. Bid it adieu. It shall live here, but not with it’s sisters on Etsy or my website.

Farewell, sweet photo.

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Apr 04 2009

Scenes From Our Trip

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Yesterday, I enthusiastically hollered when we crossed the (first) state border, “we’re in WEST VIRGINIA!” and the kids and I hooted at holered and wheeeee-ed. About an hour later, we pulled over at a rest area for a pee pee stop, and there was a pay phone right in front of our car. Ethan immediately was drawn to it.

“MOM! Can I call Daddy?”
“No,” I said,
“Please? I just want to tell hin we’re in North America!”

Then 15 minutes later when we stopped at a fast food place, as we were climbing ou Jocelyn asked, “Do they speak english here?”


Here’s my Dad, reading bedtime stories to 3 kids who then wouldn’t SLEEP for another hour or so:

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Jan 08 2009

Free Upgraded Rush Delivery

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Isn’t that what someone ordering “male enhancement” products is trying to prevent?

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Oct 23 2008

Behavior, Boy, School, Daycare, F*ck.

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Last week, Ethan did well in his 1st grade class at school, but had problems (mostly on the daycare bus) nearly every day at daycare. We’ve been dealing with behavior problems from Ethan, off and on, since the end of summer now.

On Tuesday, I got a call from the daycare that Ethan had some pretty serious incidents on the bus. Namely, he was licking the seatbelt, then he hit people with it, then he pulled a girl’s hair and pushed/pulled her down to the seat. Then as he was leaving the bus he kicked the glass on the front door, told everyone to shut up, and tried to punch the girl in the face. She brought her backpack up, so he didn’t hit her, but rather the backpack. While sitting in the office, he continued to tell people to shut up.

They called me and requested I pick him up immediately.

On Tuesday after the incident, James and I agreed that these issues had been going on too long and it was time we sought professional help in the form of a child therapist or psychologist.

Yesterday I got recommendations from our pediatrician, ruled them out because they weren’t in our network, researched some others IN our network, and submitted some initial paperwork to get us started.

This morning, the director of the daycare called and informed me that because of the dangerous nature of the incident on Tuesday, Ethan was no longer welcome to attend.

It’s a pretty emotional day… nay, week.

I will have more to say on this later, but for now, just wanted to get that down and see if it helped me carry on with my day any more.

– amy struggles along.

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Oct 16 2008

what would YOU do first as president?

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conversation between james and i last night, during one of the many tivo pauses of the presidential debate:

james: seriously, if I was elected president, that’s the first thing I would do.
amy: what?
james: torture. In my mind, that’s the most heinous thing that needs to be corrected.
amy: You know, that’s one thing John McCain supposed to defy Bush on, but he’s slipped a time or two.
james: The torture, it’s just despicable. First day in office, that’s what I’d do.
*amy just stares at him.*
amy: Really?
james: yeah.
james: absolutely.
amy: Oh, I don’t think so. I think there’s something you’d do first.
james: what?
amy: come on! you’re finally president! you’re PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES! you KNOW you’d crack open all the super classified shit and find out the real deal about aliens!

I know that’s what I’d do. What would you do?

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Jun 27 2008

no phone. *sniff*

As you may or may not know, I stash things in my bra from time to time.

Yesterday I worked from home, and when quittin’ time came ’round, I made up some PBJs, tossed some grapes in a tupperware, filled up some water bottles, and stuffed all the various swimming paraphenalia into a bag. I went upstairs and got my swimming suit on, went downstairs grabbed all the stuff, stuck my keys and my phone in the top of my swimming suit and took off to get the kids. They were very excited to go to the pool.

And of course, I forgot about my phone, in my suit, until after I was in the pool.

It’s dead now. Completely defunct.

I am eligible to get a new phone but they’d probably try to lock me down to a 2 yr contract and James and I are eyeing the new i-phone. I know we shouldn’t get them, because aside from the $400 bucks for 2 phones, the monthly bill would be a lot more than we’re paying now because we’d have to add a data plan for each of us. I get mad at our cell phone bill NOW and if we got iphones it would be $60 BIGGER.. Grr.

But with no phone now, and the new i-phone coming out in 2 weeks for only $199… Well, I’m making no promises.

The saddest part? Whenever I got a new phone, I was going to keep this one to be my bedside sudoku game phone. Hmph.


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Mar 25 2008

awesome awesome awesome.

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Just go see it yourself. Safe for work, will only take 40 seconds. CLICK!

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Feb 25 2008

#56 & #57 paper doll

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We’ve decided to have Jocelyn’s birthday at home, and we’re going with a paper doll theme. Which led me to go looking everywhere for paper dolls online.

What a lovely time I had!

How cute is this?



So yeah, kind of cheating, as these aren’t really photos.

but I don’t care! CUTE!!

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Feb 19 2008


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If you are a follower of the crafty blogs, then you may be as overjoyed as I was to hear that Claire at Loobylu is starting up her blog again!


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