Nov 14 2005

in my quest of the decorating gene!!

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My brother Joseph is quite a talented photographer. Or at least, as he says, if you expose enough film, eventually something good will turn up. Well, this photo is one of my favorites. Like, ever, out of everything in the world. I’m going to get a print made, frame it, and put it in my front hall.

Joseph, Amy's brother
This is my brother Joseph.Piano photograph

This is the photo that I love. It is of my mother’s piano.

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  1. » i heart craftiness - Crazy Mokeson 19 Mar 2006 at 4:43 am

    […] Oh, and remember when I told you about my big plans for my brother’s photo of my mother’s piano? I was going to get it framed for myself at christmas. Well, it was going to cost over $500, so I scrapped that idea. I have a new one idea for it though. Pixelate it, blow it up huge, print it out and? pin it up in my entry way. Or maybe the guest room. Other ideas is to make my own frame. Not sure yet. […]