Jan 09 2006

Blogging Withdrawal

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Originally posted on a blogger account, and now moved here and time-stamp adjusted.

Our server is down and not blogging is driving me crazy. So, I created this account to at least have a place to post my posts until our server is back up and running. James is upgrading the server so it’s down until the end of the week.

I went to weight watchers on Saturday morning. I don’t think I ever posted about last week’s weigh in. So to catch you up, 2 weeks ago (the week before Christmas), I had a great loss of 4 lbs. Then Christmas and staying home and eating my body weight in yumminess hit, and last week I gained 3.8 lbs. I was seriously bummed. I made rice krispie treats that Saturday thinking the kids would love them, and ended up eating most of them myself (Jocelyn loved them and her face turned into a melting away marshmellowy nightmare, Ethan didn’t really even try them, he’s Mr. Picky). I got back on track fairly quickly thought, and this week I’m happy to report I had a 3.8 lb loss! On the upside, there are no more holidays. I am trying not to look at my total lbs loss and the weeks I’ve been giving this a go and getting depressed. I mean, I have managed to lose 10 lbs over the holidays! That is GREAT (she says through gritted teeth).

So, with project skinny in mind, here is my #1 New Years Resolution. I am putting it here, for all to see.

1. Get a family portrait taken at the end of this year to send out in Christmas cards.

The amount I lose is not in here, though I’m sure I will make lots of mini goals along the way. This year I got our wedding photo negatives scanned in and then uploaded them all to our flickr account. I was looking them over and really just feeling sick about how I looked. This is a real cop-out, but I have to say going off Depo-Provera was the best thing I ever did (A. it did not help the weight thing, and B. it made me full on crazy. TOTALLY! CRAZY! Seriously, I’m scared of birth control now.) Seriously, I’m not *really* one to not allow people to take pictures of me, though I do remember at a recent party holding up my hand in front of the camera that was not even 2 feet from me (I just really didn’t want my pores to be that closely examined) but generally speaking, I’m not picture shy. Looking over our wedding pictures may have totally changed that. Blech. So, as Project Skinny progresses, I would like to have a nice family picture at the end of the year to look at and be pleased over. So there it is.

And while I’m talking about project skinny, I am also happy to report that this weekend wasn’t a full on ignoring the whole weight watchers scenario, like I usually do. I usually just eat whatever I want, and then figure I’ve used up all my weekly “flex” points (just think of them as extra credit) and stick to my daily points for the rest of the week. This weekend, while I did have some nice splurges on things like chicken pot pie and a burger and fries from 5 Guys (yum), I think if I had counted points, I probably wouldn’t even be that far into the weekly flex points. It’s nice to start the week feeling like I haven’t dug a hole that I now have to work all week to climb out of.

I think I will stop now for today, and post later or tomorrow on other thoughts that have been rambling around in the noggin.

Just in case you are suffering from cute kid stories withdrawal, I will let you know that Jocelyn’s new Word Of The Day, is “Awesome.” Yes. She’s not even two, but she will randomly declare, “Awesome… Daddy. Awesome.”

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