Jan 23 2006

I want to be eight again!

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I remember that Christmas morning. I was eight, and there was only one thing that Santa could bring me that would make me happy. I walked into the living room, and THERE IT WAS! A bright pink HUFFY! With STREAMERS!

Well, I’m no longer eight, and I REALLY don’t want pink, but I would like to feel the wind in my hair and the exhilaration of FASTER FASTER FASTER!

I had a great bike in college that got stolen, and I haven’t had anything since.

My brother had the great idea of getting my mom a bike for Christmas. I think the trick to RIDING a bike is having the RIGHT bike, and for her it was to make sure it was comfortable, and easy to use. I’m looking at the same brand of bikes and getting all glinty eyed just thinking about it.

Here is the one I want.

Just kidding. I would LOVE to get that one, but it’s a little over the top, don’t you think? Plus, more than I want to spend, and not enough gears.

This is what I want

I really do want that one, I LOVE IT! But again, not enough gears. *SNIFF* Oh, how we never had the chance to know each other!

No more foolin’, THIS ONE is the one I want:

Too bad it doesn’t have streamers. *SNIFF!* Or daisies! Still, I think this is the winner.
James looks at these a little askance. But honestly, they look like they’re not going to kill my back, be easy to ride, AND BE FUN! And THAT is going to make me want to get back on it, right?

So go ahead, you have your fun at my expense and the kooky weird looking bike that I want. But I still like it 🙂 And my birthday is next month.

It’ll be the Christmas of 1982 all over again!

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2 Responses to “I want to be eight again!”

  1. Tamaraon 23 Jan 2006 at 2:39 pm

    I think you should totally go with the first or second bike. AMAZING! I totally dig them.

  2. raineon 23 Jan 2006 at 3:14 pm

    I totally want the daisy one! TOTALLY! But I think I will miss not having more than three gears, and the price is way higher 🙁

    I know what you meant though, don’t they ROCK?!