Mar 08 2006

hi there internet

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i have missed you. really, i have.

i haven’t been avoiding you. REALLY! i GOT your calls, honest! i have just been so busy. SO FREAKIN BUSY! in fact, i shouldn’t be writing this right now. i should be doing work. that’s right, work. work has decided to stomp a multitude of crises down with a loud, “SHUT YOUR MOTHER FUCKING MOUTH AND DO ME!” and so, do work, i do. and have done. in fact, i have 20 overtime hours right now, since march 1st. it’s only the 8th right now, so truly, i’ve been going a little bit crazy. so don’t think i’m just running my mouth when i say i’ve been freaking busy and i didn’t mean to not update! because do you think i LIKE not updating? HELL NO! do you think i LIKE having all these random thoughts spinning around in my head and popping out at 11:30 at night when I should be sleeping but instead keeping james awake with the mind-vomit that happens when i don’t purge the randomness out of my brain by updating? NO! NO, I DON’T! So just cut your freakin attitude and give me some slack, yo, before i pop you one!


did i say i love you?

i love you. please forgive my random threats. i don’t mean it. it’s just the business and mind vomit talking. (except for you. you just watch it, because i’ve got my eye on you.)

very quickly: jocelyn turns 2 on friday. she has a birthday party on saturday where i’m really not sure how many kids are coming. are they all just like me and never get around to rsvp-ing? or are they not coming? who knows? our house is a wreck of mail and clean laundry (it’s easy to toss laundry in and rotate. not time consuming at all. but putting it away? Ethan comes to our room to dig in the laundry basket instead of looking in his closet. no mother of the year award for me.) and then looming on the horizon is a Mother Visit. It is still a good ways off in April, but lord knows time is freaking flying by and before I know it, it’s goign to be here, and there are a lot of house things I would like to do by then. like organize. and pitch junk. and … paint and lay flooring. you know. little piddly things like that.

project skinny: i haven’t updated on this for a while, because frankly, i feel like it is on hold. i have stopped taking the drugs because i already feel like i’m on an express train and the drugs make me feel like i’m on a helicoptor about to hop into a sports car to get to the JET PLANE to CATCH the express train that will SLAM into a wall and cause me to sleep for an inordinate number of hours on the weekend, and you know? I HAVE HAD JUST ABOUT ENOUGH OF THAT WITHOUT THE HELP OF ANY SUBSTANCES THANKYOUVERYMUCH. We’re getting my bike in a few weeks, and then I will have to revisit Project Skinny and Make A Plan that includes Exercise.

ok, sorry to be abrupt, but there’s this express train, you see, and just because i hopped off for 5 minutes doesn’t mean I don’t need to be on it.

– amy needs her pookie bear

PS: THANK YOU TO GREG AND ANNA🙂 For sending me my favorite herbal tea that you can’t find in grocery stores. The first box is already half gone 🙂 Y’all are awesome. I think I have package in the mail karma now. Because of this (very bottom). So Anna and Greg, now you’ve got the karma too! Good things will come!! IN THE MAIL!

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