Mar 23 2006

it’s black. but it doesn’t have Bono on it. DAMN!

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I totally get sucked into things at costco.

I usually can’t make it out of there w/out spending $100, so lately I haven’t been going except for the absolutely necessities. Like those Costco rolls, they are like a little roll of heaven, they’re so good. They are a necessary part of The Ride Home From School, when everyone (ok Jocelyn) is fussy and hungry. I wouldn’t dare show up to get my kids without some sort of snack. I would be in hell (even more so than usual) on the way home. So Costco rolls = necessity. So is soy milk. Kirkland branded Silk vanilla, which is what Milk! INtolerant! girl Jocelyn drinks. ANYWAY.

So yesterday before gettign the kids, I stopped at Costco. I went in for rolls, and right there in the front, they had …. ipods. I think they had the nano, but my eyes went right to the video, which they had in black and white.

I kept thinking, “It’s under $300.” (it was like, $289.)

Then I kept thinking, “they don’t have the 60gig.”

And then I thought, “My entire hard drive is 30 gigs and I still haven’t filled it, and that’s including programs and shit.”

And then…? I didn’t think, I just grabbed it and went in search of rolls.

Do tivo shows play on video ipods yet? Because suddenly, I actually care 🙂

– amy wishes they made a purple iskin.

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  1. Annaon 28 Mar 2006 at 4:33 pm

    Wow! talk about impulse buying. Have you filled it up yet?