Apr 17 2006

taking my life in my hands – FOR YOU, MOTHER EARTH!

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Well I’ve started doing my part.

That’s right.

I invited a psycho killer rapist into my car to commute to work with me every morning.

It’s the least I could do seeing as how my monstrous, behemoth SUV sucks gas, hogs the roadways, blocks people’s view, cuts people off, kills small children, and chews up hybrids for breakfast and spits them out before lunch. (Owning an SUV – it’s just my own small way of making sure that Al Queda wins.)

Hmmm. Except that…

The psycho killer rapist doesn’t own a car and would otherwise be riding the bus, if he didn’t find someone to hitch a ride with. So I’m not helping to keep another car off the highway, because he doesn’t have one, and the bus would still run whether he was on it or not.

So I’m not helping to de-congest I-66.

And I’m not cutting down gas usage which will therefore lower our dependence on oil which will therefore leave us more free to run naked in the face of the middle east’s oil reserves (which some friends (who are smarter and more informed than me) tell me will never happen anyway because of china’s increasing industrialization).

So I’m not lowering gas usage.
And I’m not helping to decrease our foreign oil dependence and therefore helping fight terrorism.

I mean, I can’t even listen to my podcasts without feeling embarrassed! No Dawn and Drew! Whatever am I to do! (That was an unfortunate rhyme. )

Someone tell me why I’m risking my life driving to work with a possible psycho killer rapist in my car?

He is giving me some gas money.

And now I CAN drive in the HOV lanes. (Now I know how the HOV people feel about all those damn hybrids clogging up the lane.)

And he does seem to be a very nice person, probably not a psycho killer rapist at all.


– amy tells you she loves you.. just in case she ends her days dead in a ditch somewhere.

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2 Responses to “taking my life in my hands – FOR YOU, MOTHER EARTH!”

  1. electricsoupon 17 Apr 2006 at 11:29 am

    they call it slugging, or something like that, right? or are you bringing the same guy in every day?

    either way, you’re much braver than i 🙂

  2. raineon 17 Apr 2006 at 11:45 am

    I put myself down as looking for other carpooling folks to and from similar home/work locations about 6 months ago. Virginia’s Commuter Connections! Perhaps you’ve heard their snazzy ad! I’ve had one person call me before but the locations didn’t really work out. So, yeah, this guy got my name from there. Honestly though, he was very nice 🙂 And so is driving in the HOV lane! I will miss the ease of listening to whatever raunchy radio morning show I like though!