Jun 07 2006

hit me with the fashion stick

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Seriously, I am not a fancy person. I wear makeup at weddings, and sometimes I get on a make-up kick for everyday life, but it generally doesn’t last long. I wear nice clothes to work because they have rules about it, otherwise I’d be in jeans all the time. I have enough nice clothesthough, that generally getting ready is usually accomplished with minimal fuss and bother, and on the whole, I don’t mind wearing them. It’s fun. Today however, it was an a exercise in futility that made me want to shove the nozzle of the hair mousse into my eye socket and spray away in hopes that the chemicals would knock some sense into my brain, or at least save me from this clothes-fashion-indecisiveness that is decidedly NOT ME.

I changed my clothes THREE TIMES. I never do that. I put on what I choose, and if it doesn’t quite look the way I thought it would, tough, that’s what I’m wearing anyway.




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