Jun 13 2006

Pride and Prejudice – A+

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We watched Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightley last night. I’m really not big into writing reviews, because I often enjoy everything. Unless it was appalling, I usually like it.

However, I think everyone who has seen the BBC mini-series of Pride and Prejudice with Jennifer Erhle and Colin Firth would say that the definitive work has already been done, and done FLAWLESSLY. The movie thus, has quite an uphill battle, at least in my mind, in order to equal the other version. I went into this movie with the intention of seeing if it “measured up.” I mean please, we’re talking Colin Firth, people!

It measures up.

I think it is the casting that does the movie so much credit. I was so convinced that no one could possibly play those beloved characters as well as the BBC version – Donald Sutherland as Mr. Bennet was perhaps the biggest surprise – so perfect. Miss Bingly, the bitchy sister not only had just the right tone and attitude, but even her sneery face was perfect. Did I saw Donald Sutherland was the biggest surprise? I take it back. Mr. Collins was VERY hard to imagine anyone other than the sniveling, oilly, weasely man from the BBC version, but the actor in this version went in a different, very successful direction of seeming to trying too hard and being uneasy in his own skin.

And of course, there’s Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy.

My favorite scene was the pivotal moment in the movie, when Mr. Darcy proposes to Elizabeth for the first time, and she reams him out. Lizzie’s rage and even SHOCK that he would be that impertinent as to fall in LOVE with HER comes through so vividly. He tries to defend himself, to no success, of course, but finally he falls still.

And then there is a moment when he is looking at her, and he realizes what he has done, and how much he wants her – you can see the electricity passing between them, anguish, want, desire on his side, anger, shock, pride on hers. Oh, it was shiveringly breathtaking.

You see, there’s a reason why I don’t do reviews. Not very good at them (as you can see). But if you didn’t see this movie because you felt as if you would be …… being unfaithful, if you will, to the BBC version, then I would urge you to see it.

I love it.

I’ll always love the BBC version as well. Now I have another version to love as well.

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