Jul 21 2006

Post Indigo Girls Concert at Wolf Trap

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The Indigo Girls concert was incredible.

Things I would do differently:

Bring someone. I had fun, but I would have had more fun sharing the experience with a friend.

Come earlier. The two sections where you could actually see the stage were filled when I arrived at about 7pm. The side sections were still empty, and I spotted a place underneath an overhang, near the back by some columns that might let me still see the girls so I headed there. If I leaned to the left, I could see Amy, and if I leaned to the right, I could see Emily. My back was against the support, which meant I could use my lawn chair and not block anyone, but it also meant that the sound bounced back and reverberated in a weird way for the opening act. It was ok for the girls though.

There was a cute lovesick hipster couple on my right that only brought themselves and some towels to sit/lay on. They were so cute and tanned and shmoopy, but not in an annoying sleazy way, just in that, “we’ve finally slept together and now we TRY to keep our hands to ourselves, but back here in this little private corner, we fail” way, that I just wanted to put them in my purse and take them home with me like my own personal lifesize dolls.

On the left was a very friendly lesbian couple that offered me so much of their food and booze I began to fear that they were actually trying to slip me a roofey* so they could take me back to their den of lesbian iniquity and have their way with me. Which might not have been so bad. One of them had a bad headache halfway through and they had to leave.

*I have no idea how to spell this. I just revealed my own naivete with the mispelling, didn’t i?

At times, I was surrounded by a crowd of people who were talking loudly/ standing up / trying to get to the loo / trying to smoke their cigarettes/ cigars* w/out getting caught, ignorant of the girls playing their guts out down on the stage. At other times it was easy to blot out everything around me and just swim around in the music until I got all pruney. At times it seemed like everyone present was one big family, united by music (someone gave me a cupcake on the way out, and someone else held my chair while I hopped down from the lawn, damn you heeled sandals!) but at other times, the everyday unconcern for strangers was apparent – most evident in The Driving Away From The Music Venue where everyone adopts the “I’m Out For Me and If I Don’t Make Eye Contact Then That Means I Don’t Have To Let Your Car In Front Of Me” attitude. Kind of a sucky end to the musical high.

* You know, I can handle cigarette smoke. Even when you’re SUPPOSED to go off the lawn to smoke, I can deal. But cigars?!! Come on. That shit STANKS.

They opened with Closer to Fine, and they did Galileo as their final encore. There was lots of songs in between. They did four of their new songs (album out in September). I had heard 2 of them on the Amazon Fishbowl show (it’s the one with Kevin Smith) and cried a little during the last new one of Emily’s. All I can remember of the lyrics is an ethereal theme. Something about being a ghost, and how I want to lay my head down on you, because you’re solid. Boy am I mangling that one, it was beautiful and I can’t wait to own the cd and listen to it over and over.

I really enjoyed Wolf Trap. It would be great to get tickets to a show and go with James and make a real evening of it with a packed dinner with plenty of booze under the stars listening to great music. It would have been a lot easier to forget the crowd. But still, it was a wonderful night.

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