Sep 11 2006

project runway link

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Oh I love this show. Even if it is a leeeeetle bit boring after last season. (“It’s a MOTHER-F*CKING WALK-OFF!!” Sometimes I still dance around singing, “Lighten up it’s just faaaaaaaaaaaashiiiiiiiiiioooooooooooon!!” and have been known to comment, “Designers! You all f*cking suck!” ala Santino’s Tim Gunn impression.)

But I digress. This is merely a super quick post to point you over here, to Entertainment Weekly’s interview with Vincent.


Here’s a quick quote from page 2:

Among the designers who are left on the show, which one do you think is worthy of winning?
Myself. I love the truth, and I’ll say this: If you look at the show and you know anything about design, you can see clearly who the designer was. They are amateurs. This show is full of amateur designers. I think one was way, way above and alone on the show. But I don’t do the ego thing. It’s not my style. But I love the truth.

How convenient that he is SO not about EGO. Just about the TRUTH. And the truth is, EVERYONE except HIM, are AMATEURS, and HE is the sole person WORTHY OF WINNING! (And I just CAN’T stop HITTING the SHIFT key. SEND HELP NOW.)

Someone needs to give him the kool-aid already. I’ll let you read while I go vomit. It is laugh out loud funny, to see how crazy and delusional he is. The impressive french lady, Cathreine Malandrino (I’m sure I spelled that wrong, SORRY!) would have totally gone out with him in his mind, but she was “a little bit too old.” – !!!!

I love Kayne, but unless he shapes up the tacky, I predict he’s gone next. Laura needs to step out of her albeit elegant, but boring mold and do something exciting (and that doesn’t have a neckline down to the waist might be nice for a change. We don’t need to see your model’s sternum in EVERYTHING YOU DESIGN). Jeffrey can design, but is a prick. Michael is my darling and I hope he wins. I think he’s going to be in the final 3 for sure. Uli is a genius at prints, but is anyone else getting sick of seeing braided ropes hanging off of everything she does? She also needs to step out of her comfort zone and make sure whatever she does isn’t straight from the hippie 70s.

So much for a quick post!

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  1. Anne Glamoreon 12 Sep 2006 at 1:44 pm

    Delusional is right– but it was SO FUNNY to watch Vincent admire himself and his designs while everyone else smirked in the background!

  2. raineon 12 Sep 2006 at 1:50 pm

    Oh, Anne, I love your site! Has the baby come yet? I posted about castor oil. Or maybe that is how you arrived here. I’m so tickled you came. Vincent is a SCREAM! I can just never decide whether to laugh hysterical or go scrub myself all over in the shower.

  3. Hillyon 12 Sep 2006 at 7:42 pm

    Seriously, this design…it just gets me off.