Oct 24 2006


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how are you?

I am good. The household, however, is falling into sickness.

First, it was Jocelyn. She woke up around midnight friday night with a fever. Saturday morning she spoke in a whisper all day, despite my attempts to get her to “use your normal voice.” Her glands were as big as basketballs, and the fever re-emerged around noon, so after her nap, I took her to the doctor, who looked her over and gave us a prescription for amoxicilan.

She’s doing better now, thank you.

Now however, James is sick. He felt woozy last night, went to bed at 9pm, and stayed home from work today.

Ethan better not be next.

And I sure as hell better stay WELL. Despite the fact that I stayed up til midnight and am guzzling diet coke (2 things I never do when Sickness is just Waiting To Pounce) I’m feeling pretty good. I’d like to keep it that way.

I’ve completed the baby dress for Tamara and Andrew’s baby (due in February) and let me tell you, it is sooooo super cute. I’m only a little nervous that it may be too small. This is one garment the baby will be able to wear right away.

Next I started on a cute little open weave hat out of the Happy Hooker’s book. I started out making it for Jocelyn, but decided it was for me (it will be too big for her anyway). I’ll have to make another one for her and figure out how to downsize it a bit. Except she could really use a WARM hat, and this one is definitely not a warm cozy hat. So I’ll have to pick a warm patterm to make for her.

Anyway. This was just a quick hi.


The downside of having a new hobby (hi, that would be craftyness, more specifically this week, crochet) is not much time for internet-ness. But I’ll try to write more this week.


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