Jan 28 2007

baby it’s cold inside…

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our power went out friday evening. I was on my way home, and James called me to tell me. He was halfway through nuking some hot dogs in the microwave for the kids when it went out. He requested I stop by BK for some dinner.

The power came back on about 5 minutes before I got home.

However, now, mysteriously.. our microwave does not heat food. It sounds like it’s working. It LOOKS like it’s working. The light is on, the turn table is spinning, but the food does not get hot.

This is a little inconvenient but no big deal.

Big Deal: Our heat on the main level is not working. We have tried peering intelligently at the furnace in the basement. I flipped the switch for it on, and off, and it seemed to start up and make noise. But warm air does not blow out of our vents. James went outside and peered intelligently at the blower units sitting next to the house. He informed me that one unit has a green flashy light, and the other unit has no light. This seemed to be pretty definitive information, until suddenly the unit lacking any blinking light turned on and made noise.

We kerflommuxed.

And chilly.

I laid down for 20 minutes in front of our gas fireplace, which we never ran again after seeing the gas bill the month after we moved in, and got the pilot light started. The entire thing even light up briefly when the switch was turned on, but then faded back down to solely pilot light.

We are continually thwarted in efforts to heat our home.

We’ll be upstairs.. until the service people get here.

-amy is CHILLY.

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  1. annaon 28 Jan 2007 at 11:52 pm

    brrr! Good luck.