Jan 22 2007

Snow, glorious SNOW!

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One week ago, Monday, it was like 68 degrees.

Yesterday it snowed.

It’s finally behaving like winter! Yay!

Of course, I was one of the eediots who looked out the window, saw the snow, and said, “I’d better go out!”

Well, not really. It started snowing right around naptime, so of course, being the mean parents we are, we made them go up for naptime. After a half hour or so, I started gathering up all the snow apparel I know we’d need, which is when I realized that their snow suits were nowhere to be found. I thoughtfully bought new snow boots sometime in November, but I thought their snowsuits would do for another season. Little did I know that they had gone AWOL. My memory kind of pricks at the thought of snowsuits, so I think that I perhaps dropped them off at Good Will. I know that Jocelyn’s was probably too small, and perhaps Ethan’s too.

So anyway, before “naptime” was over and the kids came down and jonesin’ for the outdoors, I got myself in the 4Runner and headed out to Target. WITH THE REST OF THE WORLD. The roads were packed, but luckily, there weren’t any idiots. Everyone was slow and careful and very aware of what other cars were doing.

Where they had swimming suits and springtime gardening stuff on display.

I guess the good news, was that they did have a few snow suits left (and jocelyn’s will last her for the next 2-3 years at least, as it was a girl’s size XS) AND they were on clearance. I also picked myself up some new mittens, a scarf and a hat. And luckily, they still had some snow items (ALSO ON CLEARANCE) so I picked up 2 child sized snow shovels, and a cheap plastic sled.

So Sunday afternoon was spent outdoors, shoveling, scooping, bulldozing (or ‘snowdozing’ as Ethan called it), snow-girl making, demanding, “pull me! pull me!” (on the sled), loading the sled up with snow and pulling it around, flopping down and making snow angels, and then coming indoors stripping off all the snowy sodden clothes to sit on the couch and watch The Muppet Show with big mugs of cocoa and marshmellows.

This morning, I actually got up when my alarm clock went off (something that hadn’t happened yet this year) and went and turned on the tv to see about school closings. After watching for 40 minutes and not seeing the kids’ school (it’s a private pre-school/daycare) I finally looked up the number and called. They were open!

And so we got up, got everyone ready, bundled up all the snow apparel to be taken to school, and 2 very excited kids went off to school. I also had to call our house cleaning company and ask them not to come today, because oh boy is our house not ready.

Our county schools were closed today, along with many others, so the roads were remarkably not filled with idiots. However, will you people with snow built up on your cars PLEASE clean it ALL off? I nearly died of a heart attack when a huge sheet of ice flew off the car in front of me and slammed against my windshield. Snow is ok. But when it gets all icey.. damn.

So it was a loverly weekend.

How was yours? Did you make any snow-girls?

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3 Responses to “Snow, glorious SNOW!”

  1. Chrison 22 Jan 2007 at 1:58 pm

    Now, it was nice but it wasn’t enough! More snow!!

  2. annaon 22 Jan 2007 at 2:58 pm

    No snow for us. I don’t think there will be unless we move away from here. My parents however, have had lots of ice and are supposed to get more snow this week. They have been part of that whole “HUGE TERRIBLE ICE STORM” that has been hanging over the Oklahoma area for a week or so.

  3. Heatheron 25 Jan 2007 at 6:16 pm

    Our little snowstorms have come and went and now I am very, very excitedly awaiting Spring. In fact I just finished looking up what I can start planting indoors – broccoli, onions, and peppers to name a few. And here you are talking about snow! No more snow! SPRING, SPRING, SPRING!!!!!