Feb 13 2007

blogging has been cancelled this week due to huge mountains of ulcer-inducing work

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But I thought I’d log in during the 15 minutes I’ve alloted myself to shove handfuls of food in my mouth so that I can keep plugging away to tell you these 2 things:

Thing 1:

You know that disgusting sound of food wafting over from a neighboring cube? It’s that sound of the food item being saucy, so you can hear that squishiness as the cubee stirs it slowly, mixing the tupperware’s contents about to disperse the heat that the office kitchen microwave graciously beamed straight into one spot. It’s that SQUISH-SQUISH of moisturey particles rubbing against each other and then letting go that makes my stomach turn and my nose wrinkle and most of all, makes me reach for my headphones so I don’t have to hear it.

You know that sound? I can’t STAND that sound.

Thing 2:

You know when you settle down in your cube with your styrofoam container of edible food-stuff brought up from the cafe in the lobby, and you open it and there you behold (and smell! don’t forget smell!) the delicious scent of chicken marsala sitting in a delectable sauce on top of a bed of fluffy, cooked-just-right rice with taste-bud-orgasm potatoes au gratin sitting to the side, and you put your fork in, and carefully mix some of the rice with some of the mouth watering mushroom sauce and a little bite of chicken, and you cah hear the sound of the creamy moist yummiliciousness as you combine the three and then bring them to your mouth to savor? You know that sound? The one that is in all other respect, identical to the OTHER sound?

I LOVE that sound.

Back to deadline-ulcer-inducing work stress,


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2 Responses to “blogging has been cancelled this week due to huge mountains of ulcer-inducing work”

  1. Hillyon 13 Feb 2007 at 5:20 pm

    Hey, I have to get up and go away from my cube if someone is eating chips or carrots…I cannot stand to hear someone crunching beside me!

  2. Chrison 13 Feb 2007 at 5:42 pm

    I feel the same way..which is why my posts, thus far, have sucked.