Feb 16 2007

past conversations

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so what do you want for your birthday?
a 50 f/1.4 lens.
(long long stare, and confused look)
OH! I mean a 50 f/1.EIGHT lens!
but we already have that.
I know, I’m saying, I already got my birthday present. you don’t have to get my anything.
Well. I’ll have to think up something.
OK, but you have a $40 limit.


Me, sitting on the couch, wrapped in blankie just so, with laptop on lap.
James, just walked in.

Oooh. Can you hand me the remote?
(gets and hands me the remote)
And that pillow?
(gets and hands me the pillow)
Ooohh, and the phone?
Kiss my ass.
I will, if you get me the phone.

(luckily, he didn’t make me kiss his ass. I would have though, rather than disturb my perfectly constructed blankie and laptop work cocoon.)


late late at night. we are in bed. it is dark. and very quiet.

will you scratch my back?
moaning and groaning about having to scratch the itchy girl
that’s what you should get me. a back scratcher
But you already have me!
you should get me a back scratcher that doesn’t make ‘oh i’m so put out by this’ noises
ooh, actually what I should have said I wanted for my birthday is a microwave that works, and pipes that don’t sound like the acopolypse is upon us when you flush the toilet.
I’ll just get you a backscratcher that moans and groans.
But I already have that.

a cute one, for good measure.

at the dinner table, everyone sitting down and eating, which doesn’t happen as often as it should. right in the middle of dinner conversation of the doings of school, piano class, tutus, and the butt and fart jokes (from ethan, oh lord please make it stop):

jocelyn: Daddy is my BEST FRIEND!
(collective “AWWWWWWW” from the parents)


the work is letting up. there will be work done over the weekend probably, and all the overtime i put in in the last week was balanced out by the bouts of not working due to the DC metro area being covered in ice, and also a boy with a sick tummy who stayed home yesterday (it was from eating a not-ripe-enough banana and needing to poop, he’s fine now, thanks).

hopefully we will return to our regularly scheduled blogging next week, where i have lots to tell AND SHOW you! Our swap package arrived, and boy was it a hit!


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  1. Chrison 19 Feb 2007 at 9:21 am

    Hopefully we’re past the ice storm madness that gripped the city last week…

  2. annaon 19 Feb 2007 at 9:01 pm

    Hope you had a good Monday and got everything done by your deadline!