Mar 25 2007

weekend, weekend, weekend weekend weekend!

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things i have done this weekend:

  • went for weekly weigh in at jenny craig (oh. gee. did i forget to mention that i joined jenny craig? whoopsies.) Down a total of 7 lbs.
  • bought and set up my first ever grow lights. (this link also filled in some blanks in my head on why my seedlings didn’t do so wonderfully last year. I thought leggy meant “needs transplanting to bigger container” but really, my long leggy seedlings needed LIGHT! GLORIOUS LIGHT! which is now remedied!)
  • started the following seeds:
    • lettuce (2 plants)
    • broccoli (4 plants)
    • squash (2)
    • zucchini (2)
    • cucumber (2)
    • african sunflowers (8 i think)
    • impatiens (10ish, from self harvested seeds
    • petunias (10ish, also from self harvested seeds
    • and last, Ethan and Jocelyn planted a sunflower each in their own little yogurt container
  • the big big omission in this list is TOMOTOES. THOSE are the ones I really really want every summer. However, alas, I looked hither and yon, but could not find my tomato seeds anywhere 🙁 I’ve quite liked the sweetie cherry tomators I’ve planted the last 2 years, and this year I want to add a beefsteak plant, which are the big beefy tomatoes good for sandwiches, and a san marzano plant, which yields less juicy tomatoes that are supposed to make excellent sauce, and a heritage Brandywine, just ’cause. I’m going to have to hie me down to Lowes and get some tomato seeds. STAT! I’m not sure where all these plants are going (aside from the flowers) but i’ll figure it out sometime 🙂
  • Planted some peas into the actual GROUND. it seems so shocking!
  • went through and sorted both kids’ mountain of last summer clothes and outgrown winter clothes into keep, give away, and put away in the keepsake box piles. Ethan keepsake clothes: 2 3T shirts that were some of his favorites, one with construction machines on it. Jocelyn keepsake clothes: um… about 5 sweet little sundresses/skirts/shirts that are just SO CUTE that I wish she could stay that size forever MY BABY WAH ok finished with that moving on. faint twinges of guilt on being ho hum on the ethan clothes and totally teary eyed on the jocelyn clothes BUT THEY’RE JUST SO CUTE AND MY BABY GIRL IS SO BIG NOW WAAAAAAH. ok, the moving on obviously didn’t work.
  • put away all of the leftover clean clothes from the laundray marathon LAST weekend that didn’t get put away.
  • did a marathon of laundry
  • put away all the laundry
  • made many trips to lowes & target
  • took jocelyn to her 3 year doctor’s checkup (she’s good. 97th percentile for just about everything)
  • went out to brunch with the family
  • cleaned cleaned cleaned cleaned the INSANELY messy main level, including vacuuming, and INCLUDING MOPPING THE KITCHEN FLOOR OMGWTFBBQ.
  • played soccer with Jocelyn (that girl is going to be a STAR someday, mark my words
  • talked to my mom for about 2 hours on various items including our upcoming trip to utah at the end of may. did i forget to mention that? oh yeah. we’re going to utah. over memorial day, for about 10 days. going to do some CAMPING! with lots and lots of my family! Ethan and Jocelyn are both going on and on about their cousins, whom I’ve posted pictures of on the fridge to help jog their memories. Ethan can’t wait to see the “other kids” and Jocelyn is sure that Clara will play dress up with her. I’m pretty sure she’s right. ooohhh i’m so excited. Going to need to buy luggage. Flying with 2 children. Have never done that. Should be interesting.
  • gotten a sinking, taunting “you’re going to be sick tomorrow” feeling from the throat area which ijust came over me. it’s using a sing-song voice, too. wah. i used up too much sick time during all the back/carpel tunnel crap. guess i’d better go to bed.

Are you tired yet? Because it’s 10:30pm Sunday night, and I’m fuckin’ tired. and I think I’ve forgotten some stuff.

g’night series of tubes and tunnels!

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  1. annaon 26 Mar 2007 at 2:37 pm

    I did the same things this weekend. Most of my seeds are in the ground or started in their tiny peat pots (with the exception of a few that take less days to reach harvest potential). I cheat with the tomatoes though. I never buy seeds and just buy the plants already started.

    Way to go on the Jenny Craig! 7lbs sounds awesome!