Jun 02 2007

home sweet home

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we are home now. it is so nice. 4? 5? I can’t remember really, days of camping in the La Sal mountains about 40 min away from Moab, UT was lovely. Getting back to civilization, in the garb of staying at my folks house in Park City for the remaining 5 days was even more loverly. Plumbing! Running water! A microwave! It’s amazing how the camping in the mountains/desert can give you a greater appreciation of these things. Seeing my entire family was so much fun. All those cousins and watching them play was just the cutest. The scenery was incredible. Arches National Park left us awestruck. There will be lots of (non blurry! non camera phone! yay!) pictures coming.

We flew to Utah with 5 checked bags. We accumulated more stuff out there and came home with 7 checked bags. Only six of them made it on our plane though, and the 7th will be arriving at our doorstep sometime tomorrow morning. I don’t really mind. It took a few hours to unpack and go through five of the six we actually have, and I didn’t have the energy to even open the sixth.

The best part about being home – sleeping in your own bed.

I think the kids would say, playing with your own toys…. and not having to share 🙂

The worst part… thinking about getting back to normal life in the next day or two. Going to work. And also, that spoilt milk in the fridge you didn’t throw out before you left. Yeah, that sucks.

Also.. someone in VA cranked up the heat, and turned the humidifier WAY up in this state. Utah was fairly temperate.. but even when it was hot.. it was a dry heat. Much easier to tolerate.

Ahhh. Bed. I think I’ll go reaquaint myself with you.

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