Jun 15 2007


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James and I have been kind of toying with the idea of moving sometime next year. I think we both had it lurking in our subconscious and then as soon as one of us brought it out into the open, it’s taken off. Now whenever something about the house irks us, we turn to the other and say, “Let’s make sure we have a decent sized kitchen in our next house!” these occurences are becoming more and more regular.

So with the toying, has been the browsing around at real estate. And almost immediately, I’ve been discouraged by the lack of variety in the architecture in the area. EVERYTHING IS TRADITIONAL/COLONIAL.

OK. Not everything. But 95% of the houses in our area is colonial. Doesn’t ANYONE ELSE in the DC metro area just get sick of seeing the same style house everywhere you look? Whenever I’m browsing through listings, if anything modern pops up (and I think it’s only happened once..) I’m instantly in love. Never mind the fact that it either is a) further away from work than we are currently or b) costs over a million dollars…. I’m in love.

So I spent the last hour and a half coaxing Google with the most romantic moderny real estatey search terms possible and thought I’d share my findings with others who may also be eye-gougingly sick of Colonial real estate.

First off… This is fascinating. Current listings of Frank Lloyd Wright homes on the market. There’s one in Bountiful, UT that I would totally move there for (if someone wouldn’t mind giving me a cool 3.8+ million bucks) and another in Washington state that actually made my heart hurt, it was so beautiful.

Modern Capital is a blog based in the Washington DC metro area for mid-century modern real estate, design and events – he’s listed a few houses that have come on the market recently, and in his side bar he lists communities of modern architecture. OH HALLELUJAH! We’re not totally alone in the sea of Colonials! He started up last October, and I’m looking forward to poking through his archives.

Not necessarily modern, but a real estate blog based in Seattle. I’m a Seattle girl at heart, so I’ve been following along wistfully for half a year, what can I say.

GO MOD is a great jumping off place for several modern real estate sites, as well as bunches of other cool stuff.

I wish I had the time to road trip it down to the Virginia Center for Architecture in Richmond, VA for the exhibit on Contemporary Prefabricated Houses – ooohhhh how delicious it would be to go check that out.

Also, did you know about CB2?? When did this happen? And why only in Chicago, you lucky dogs! (Well, NY will be getting one soon too, I see.) I ran across it a while ago and promptly ordered a catalog. Not that I have any spare money for furniture, but how dare Crate and Barrel go and open a whole new modern thingee and not tell me! FOR SHAME. Go check it out and drool along with me. And if you knew about it.. then shame on you for not telling me.

Are you a real estate junkie? Do you keep your eye on the listings just to peek inside houses for sale even though you’re not necessarily moving in the near future? If so…. I’d love to hear any of your favorite sites or real estate blogs. It’s like heroin. I’m hooked, baby. Design blogs too. Other favorites of mine include design*sponge and Apartment Therapy.

So what are you hooked on? Come on, gimme a hit! Just one hit!

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  1. Chrison 15 Jun 2007 at 9:23 am

    I hear you. I have very recent, first-hand experience with this 😉

  2. Annon 15 Jun 2007 at 11:17 am

    When we were looking for a house last time we looked at one or two modern-ish homes, but they were all at the very upper end of our price range and like 1500 sq ft. We ended up with a rambler that has good square footage and a fairly open floor plan. But most of the places out there are of the McHouse and McMansion variety. I used to get my modern fix by reading dwell. All this talk has inspired me to renew my subscription!

  3. Tamaraon 15 Jun 2007 at 11:58 am

    A must for me is a BIG kitchen! Andrew would like a basement and a fireplace. The way we are packing its going to be a looooong time till we get moved.

  4. gamer-geekon 15 Jun 2007 at 2:57 pm

    Funny, all this talk makes me want to tear down more walls in our house and open it up more. 🙂 Time for floor to ceiling windows! and skylights! (or suntubes?)

  5. Heatheron 15 Jun 2007 at 3:14 pm

    Ooooooh! I LOVE real estate! My two biggest dreams in life are to flip houses for a living, and to buy 5-10 acres of vacant land, spend the next 12 years building and landscaping, and then when the kids graduate from high school… we could actually live there. Ahhhh, if only I were rich. In the mean time my passion is gardening and landscaping on my 4,000 sf subdivided lot. I feal very lucky, when we bought our house two years ago, it was cheaper to build a new home in a subdivision, so I got to pick out the floor plan, finishes, etc… it was tons of fun.

  6. Michaelon 15 Jun 2007 at 9:18 pm

    Thanks for the shout out on Modern Capital. I’m glad people are enjoying the site. I hope you guys find the perfect modern home for you.