Jul 27 2007

some completely unrelated bits

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I like the word “bits.”

I always associate it with the private bits of your body, though. Good word. Bits.

Where was I?

I swear I had things to talk about before I started this post, but now they’ve all gone.

OH I REMEMBER! Crafty stuff. Since I’m going to be baking in the next few days I decided I should probably up and finish the scalloped baby blanket for a neighborhood bunco friend already. James had a movie I was kind of uneasy about watching so he watched it, and I finished sewing the blanket.

I didn’t pre-wash the fabric, like you’re supposed to do, because I’m hoping that it will shrink up and get that lovely vintage puckered look.

So last night, I finished the quilting and the edge stitching on the blanket, and squealed with glee! I tossed it into the wash before going to bed, setting the water to hot, which I hardly EVER do (I hope that was OK, but I wanted it to really shrink up!)

This morning, I tossed it in the dryer (also on the highest setting, but there’s only 3 settings, so it’s not that unusual) and now I can’t wait to get home, run up the stairs and pull it out of the dryer and see how it came out.

It’s like christmas morning! Except it’ll be afternoon! Squweeeee!


My kids are so completely opposite when it comes to body temperature. Ethan has alwasy loved the long sleeves, long pants, and lately, his big fluffy flannel quilt that my mom made for my sister to give him when he was born. It’s very simple, nice thick batting, tied off with yarn instead of quilting, and it’s his FAVORITE. It’s his “warm blankey.”

Jocelyn has always kicked off all her covers. Even in the dead of winter, we go in to check on her, and her bottom will be sticking up with nothing on it but her jammies. I am not so sure that it is body temperature related though. She could just hate getting tangled up in the blankies, as little kids are wont to do. She does allow you to put a sheet over her, but rarely more than that.


I don’t know why were were on the subject, but somehow, we got to talking about bunk beds. I think we were all in the car going somewhere, including james, and Jocelyn said, “What’s a bunk bed?” I know she knew what one was, but Ethan started in on describing a bunk bed to her in such an amusing convoluted way I didn’t say a word. Just kept grinning at James and listening. And wishing I had a video camera for such events. As far as I can remember, it went something like this:

“First, there’s a bed, and it’s made out of wood, and then there’s sticks. very long sticks, and they go on the corners of the bed. and then there’s another bed and it goes on the top of the sticks so it’s a bed too, only on top! and then there are more sticks and those make the ladder. See, Jocelyn?”

Jocelyn had no freaking idea what he was talking about, so I told her that it’s like the bed Grandma has in her basement and she got it.

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  1. Mr. Crazymokeson 27 Jul 2007 at 10:08 am

    That movie she was uneasy about watching? Traffic. Great movie.