Jul 02 2007

we just figured out our wii number

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so if you have a wii and want our little mii’s to talk and visit, poke me on the comments and we can exchange wii numbers!

The kids’ made their very own little bobble-dudes and they’re very cute.

Bobble-dude looks very strange typed out. It’s better when you say it out loud. It just rolls off the tongue.




Bobble-dude is what the little lego men are called in my family. We don’t actually call the Wii people bobble dudes. That just popped into my head just now. The lego guys are actually called mini-figs, but not in our house. Bobble-dude is what I grew up with, and bobble-dude it shall be, forever and ever, amen.

I sometimes take pictures with my phone, see. Like on vacations when you wish I’d just leave dead blog space for a few weeks, but nooooo I insist on taking blurry pictures with my camera phone.

I also often send myself email. Like account numbers or notes to myself.. just to have it in the abyss that is gmail’s email storage, ready for me to pull up with just a few clicks of the gmail search.

I have a super secret email address that my blog knows about and goes and checks every hour. If anything is in that inbox, then my blog goes and POSTS it! So see I can be out in the middle of Moab, taking pictures of dirty kid’s knees with a big hovering red rock over them, and them just send it to my super secret email address and BOOM! Blog post! Look ma, no hands!

So can you guess what I did? I sent myself a little note about the website where we order the very special cat food which prevents crystals from forming in our cats’ bladders, because that would mean = peeing all over the house and that would mean = bad bad bad and so yes, i sent myself a note on what the username and password is for that account, and did i ACTUALLY send it to myself?

No! I didn’t! I sent it to the super secret blog email address and sent it to all of you! DAMN YOU AUTO-COMPLETE! Lucky for me, I never actually put down the actual password, I just put down a phrase that will remind me of what my password is, because storing your passwords in a non secure place like gmail is a dummy dumb dumb thing to do.



bauble dood


So yeah, that’s what that weird item about the garbled veterinarian thingee was.

-amy, bobble-dudes 4-ever!
-amy’s password is not bobbledude. Just FYI.

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