Sep 06 2007

bounce vs. flat

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Sometimes you walk around all happy.

Like a big happy beachy bouncey ball. Things are fun and it’s fun to be excited about things. The very act of being excited is fun. Like the way a child can be so excited about the world around them – It’s fun to have that kind of excitement. Like a happy bouncey ball.

And then something happens to puncture the happy ball.

The ball deflates. It’s not happy. The thought of being excited about anything is stupid and depressing. It doesn’t matter what. Things no longer are fun. Being excited is no longer fun.

It can happen quickly, without any warning. And then the ball loses it’s happy bounce. It deflates until it’s a sad, flat, weird looking piece of rubber just laying on the floor.

Sometimes it’s not quickly. Sometimes there’s just a teeny pin sized hole in the happy bouncy ball. And the ball can be bouncy for a long time. Never noticing that it doesn’t bounce just quite so high and doesn’t feel quite so happy. UNtil one day, it’s a sad piece of plastic laying on the floor wondering why it would rather lay there than bounce. And look weird.

I feel deflated.

It would be nice to just lay on the floor and look weird.

Don’t you think?

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  1. Chrison 07 Sep 2007 at 9:53 am

    Many a time I can identify with that. But, then, each day is different and balls can reinflate pretty quick too.