Sep 23 2007

doggone it..

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woe is me.

The sofa I was going to pick up today from a craigslist seller, fell through.

I am so bummed. I LOVE THAT SOFA. It was too good to be true, I guess.

So, it’s not like we’re urgently awaiting a sofa to sit on or anything, the room isn’t even painted yet, so we can wait and see if something else comes along on craigslist.

But a part of me just wants to rush out and buy a sofa RIGHT NOW. I even checked the hours of the Crate and Barrel outlet nearby. I’ve no idea if they usually have furniture. And if so, how damaged it would be.

I scoured the Ikea website (I actually took the kids there today to scope out possible media center solutions) looking for a cheaper alternative. “Eh.” was my reaction. The Kramfors or possibly the Klippan are the only ones that slightly appealed to me, and I don’t like the WIDENESS of everything. that’s why I love the Camden. Narrow and sleek. No chunkiness whatsoever.

I just don’t think I can compromise.

Going to just have to wait a few months, save my pennies, and get the Camden.

It’s hard to be chipper about this, I was really looking forward to having the couch down there and moving it around to see what might work.

I guess on the bright side, if we end up buying it new, we will be able to choose a fabric/color we like the best (although the green worked fine for me.) Maybe chocolate brown?



Totally bummed out. 🙁

My advice – if you convince someone via email to let something go for less than their asking — RUN and go pick it up. Don’t wait 48 hours. Because they’ll probably change their mind/get an offer for their full price/decide they like it a lot after all, and then you’re totally screwed.

le sigh.

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