Oct 02 2007

basement decorating #4

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OK, so, you all know that woe is me, my dream couch, that I found on craigslist, ran off with another seller.

Here is that couch, Crate & Barrel Camden 69″, in Lichen:

Crate & Barrel Camden 69 in lichen

This couch is normally $900. I almost had it for $425. Now, I was very sad about this loss. Because couches like these don’t come along on Craigslist every day. Usually it’s something like this:

typical craigslist couch

Blech. Now, forgive me, if this is just the thing you’ve been looking for all your life, but this is the epitome of what I don’t want. My first rule is, no pillows – everything must be attached. Second rule- sleek and modern looking. No overstuffedness. How many sofas come along on CL that meet my rules? That’s right. 1, and I lost that one to a higher bidder, ergh!

But there are good things to think about. If I’m going to have to spend the entire $900 bucks, well, I could take a look at other colors, now couldn’t I? I do like the green Lichen one above.. and in the last few weeks, they’ve come out with a new “Spring Green”:


Pretty, isn’t it? A touch more yellow in this one than the Lichen one. I think I like the Lichen better. Moving on..

We have this beautiful Chestnut baby:


Isn’t that just gorgeous? So done. If I’m going to pay the full price, I’m getting the dark brown, ooh la la!

But now, a dilemma — with the rollout of these new colors, the Lichen couch is now ON SALE – for $700! Torn am I.


With the extra $200 bucks, I could buy a matching ottoman (normally $380, but now on sale for $200).


What to do.. what to do.. Hmmmm.. That’s a stumper.

OH WHO THE HELL AM I KIDDIN. It’s not even a decision. I’m hemming and hawing just for the sake of something to post. (Forgive me? At least I included pretty pictures to look at!) My decision is made, baby (unless of course, James vetoes, but I don’t think he will) – It’s the dark brown! And all I’m thinking about now is what fabric to use for the pillows!

couch, with mockups of pillows in joel dewberry fabric

*cough* I could just make them all.

Do you think Jocelyn would mind if I cut up this dress and make it into pillows?

cute jocelyn dress

What? It won’t fit her much longer!


-amy might actually get around to painting the room in november.. le sigh…

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  1. Heatheron 02 Oct 2007 at 3:35 pm

    If your going with a brown couch you may want to reconsider your wall color choices. With a brown couch and neutral walls your getting kind of mono-chromatic, and dreary.

  2. raineon 02 Oct 2007 at 4:08 pm

    you know, I posted that, and I’m already waffling. I am a big big waffler! This is a basement! I think something lighter would be better, don’t you? But then as soon as I think that, I think, but kids! We have kids! Stains won’t show up on dark fabric!

    It is difficult living in my fickle mind, let me tell you. DIFFICULT!

    But you’re right – if I go with the brown, I will have to rethink the paint..