Dec 04 2007

brain gook!

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I’m getting all fidgety, and when I get all fidgety, I get kind of freaked out and when I get freaked out, it means I need to keep a pad of paper next to me all day long and write down all the shit I need to do (so then it’s there, and i no longer have to be responsible for remembering it all) and it also means i need to just spit out all the random shit in my head so that it’s out there, and no longer floating around inside my brain and it lets me kind of breath out a big sigh and move on with my life.

So here you go! Random shit in my head! Get ready, because it’s going to be FANTASTIC!

We had folks over on Sunday and it was very lovely. We don’t entertain very often. What can I say, we’re shut ins. Plus, we don’t have many friends. It comes with being shut-ins. But our friend got engaged and we needed to celebrate, so I said, “Hey come over, our basement will be done by then!” It is (basically) done, but far from the kitchen, where the life of the party is always at, so while folks wandered down and had a look (at my table with shit all over it, and the toys strewn all over the floor) and said, “Very nice!” they all wandered back up, because you know, that’s where the food was.

And the wine. Let me just say, that I have not been this drunk… well, I’m going to have to go with ever. There was this one time in Atlanta (which was over 10 years ago now) that might have rivaled it, but that was a long time ago so the memory is hazy, and this was just a few days ago, and the memory is fresh, so i’m going with this one! It was great fun Sunday evening, when all the drinking took place, but not so much great fun Monday morning, when the getting up and going to work needed to take place. If not for the fact that our cleaning ladies were coming, I would have stayed home. But I braved the cruel big world, and wandered out of the house (ha – out of my bed!) with a sick, vaguely unsettled feeling in my gut. No headaches, thanks to the large glass of water and tylenol James brought me the night before, but … unsettled. Like a big hair hand was holding on to my esophogus and threatening to throttle me. It wasn’t nice.

The wine was very good though, I will say that.


So all last week we had our tree, set up in our family room, but sad and naked, bereft of all trimmings. Saturday evening we got out the christmas boxes and tossed everything on the tree. I bought a lot of stuff last year after it all went on sale, so it looked very magazine cover-y, until that is we got up sunday morning and the kids had “finished” the decorating with the stuff we hadn’t used. So there are gobs of silvery and teal beaded bauble-y garlands all between the 3 1/2 foot and 5 foot section of the tree where they could readh (there was a little foot ladder that they employed) all done while james and I were snug in our beds. It’s pretty cute really, and James finally convinced me to keep it instead of redoing it after they go to sleep. “It’s cute!” he says. And then he says, “we’re probably going to have to start getting you your own tree, aren’t we?”

Yes, yes, we are, because the kids REALLY want to put the colored lights on the tree, and WE’RE NOT HAVING THAT. BECAUSE I SAID SO.

Christmas is all about the love!


Remember that list of things that I was so proud of NOT BUYING? Well, ahem.. I bought the last one, which was this kit to make Santa Lucia dolls:

santa lucia dolls

I was so excited when it arrived, and that evening sat down to do some painting. Painting little wooden heads with black, red, brown and yellow hair is so therapeutic. I set them down to dry, where Jocelyn spotted them like a hawk and instantly carried them off. She has taken them to the store (in a little purse), she has taken them to quiet time, she has taken them downstairs, she has taken them to school.
So much for my Santa Lucia dolls!

Just kidding, I don’t grudge them, we have doll pins aplenty, and I went out looking for the round heads to paint more, but couldn’t find any. So I ordered some more online, and as soon as they arrive, we’ll have a little wooden clothespin girl factory around here, because THE CUTENESS. IT’S JUST SO CUTE. Ethan, and .. dare I say James? even likes them, they’re so darn cute.

Ahhhh I feel better. I think that’s enough brain gook for one day.

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