Apr 09 2008

singing and dancing and the subconscience mind

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I’m sorry I’ve been so quiet lately. I switched hosting companies for the assortment of stuff James and I host, and then grew a bit dissatisfied with them and ended up switching hosting companies again – this time I think it’ll stick.

But that’s pretty much settled down now, so I don’t really have any excuses for not writing something. I even have a ton of stuff to write ABout that I keep saying to myself, “Gotta write that down,” or “boy this will make a good post!” But still, nothing.

I’m a bit scattered and out of it, too. Yesterday when i was driving the kids to school I was thinking about how we had to get Ethan registered at our local elementary school for next year (he is at a private kindergarten now) and instead of going straight, I turned left as if I was going to the elementary school. And then when I was closer to our kids’ school, I took a right a block too early. I am just off in la la land, I swear.

My brain is deciding to do things for me too, which is weird, but a bit of a relief. I’ve always noticed this, and you probably have too. You’re sitting and doing something and you know you need to get up and do something else, but just haven’t yet when suddenly your brain just throws your body into motion and you’re up and doing what you need to go do. Now, obviously, your brain is the one that makes your body do everything ALL the time, so this explanation probably makes not much sense.. but it’s more like your subconscience had a timer that finally went off and says, “OK, no more lolly-gagging reading blogs on the couch, time to go clean the kitchen NOW!” and before you know it you’re up and moving even though you were in mid-post of dooce’s latest dog exploits. Oh fine, subconscience go team up with the brain and the body and just leave me, your conscience mind out of it! See if I care!

So, a few very short and totally disconnected from anything else thoughts rolling around in my head that I must now share:

– I love singing and dancing. The old Drew Carey show? Loved it. Why? It was funny, yes, but mostly because they would randomly sing and dance. Gotta love the singing and the dancing.

– Which is why I have saved forever on my Tivo, the Scrubs rerun where there’s a patient who hears everything in song, so the entire episode is like a musical. Awesome!

– which also leads to me hearing that Penn (from penn & teller) is dancing on dancing with the stars and setting the tivo to catch it – Um, HELLO!?? dancing!?! WHY HAVE I NOT BEEN WATCHING THIS SHOW FOREVER? I LOVE IT! Now if they would only start singing while they dance.

– As you know I am in a choir. And we have a concert coming up in May. I am now giving everyone that personally knows me warning to think up their excuses now, because I have actually been given TICKETS and am charged to like, SELL them and stuff. So I will probably be bugging you in a future near you. (They’re only $5 a piece and anyone under 18 is free, so seriously, you should come. We’re singing lots of jazz, and i have several solos. Several? I think several. I need to check that. And I don’t mean just you, people I know, you, I also mean YOU, people I DON’T know, you, if you’re in the northern va area, that is.)

Wow. They were very connected, in fact. Huh.

So yeah. Weird stuff going on over here in amy head land. Hopefully my subconscience will throw my body into action and I’ll write up some actual POSTS sometime soon. That would be nice. Yes. Let’s do that. Subconscience, get right on that, will you??

I’ll see you there!

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  1. floophyon 09 Apr 2008 at 1:58 pm

    They made a new dancing with the Stars game! http://www.fyrebug.com/?p=5179