Jun 26 2008

observations from the 6-year-old

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Ethan has a book called the “Train of States.” Each page is dedicated to each state with pictures of notable things about that state. Each page has the state flower, tree, bird, motto, nickname, capital etc. along with anything else interesting about that state.

Along the top of the Pennsylvania page is a row of notable folks from Pennsylvania from early american history, one of which was Benjamin Franklin.

Ethan: Who’s that?
me: Benjamin Franklin.
Ethan: What’d he do?
me: Well, he did a LOT of very cool things. He was the man who invented the light bulb! (and yes, as soon as I uttered these words I suspected I was totally wrong and of course I was, sorry Thomas Edison!)
Ethan: WOW!
me: Well, actually [backpedaling] I don’t think he invented the lightbulb. But he WAS the man who discovered ELECTRICITY!
Ethan: Mommy! He was the one that turned the OLDEN DAYS into the NOW DAYS!

That one totally floored me. The olden days = days before electricity! He’s kind of right 🙂

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