Nov 24 2009

a variety of items, none of which seem to go together

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Oh blog. I remember when we were good friends. I’d come visit a lot, I’d write everythign down that was in my head, you’d dutifully display it for the world to see.. Ahhh good times. I’m sorry that I spend so much time with the other woman and all. I jot down those 140 characters, and suddenly I have no need to come see you anymore. Those quickies seem to satisfy me, what can I say. I’ll try to do better, promise. The results however, will probably be disjointed and nonsensical. You’ve beenw warned.


For some reason, every time it rains, I remember my brother’s friend in high school and how his car’s windshield wipers that didn’t work. He always said, “Oh, it doesn’t matter once you get goign fast enough,” and sure enough, the few times I rode in his car in the rain (I grew up in Washington state, so there were plenty of opportunities) soon enough, the water would blow off to the edges, and become a solid sheet so that each drop melted into the whole and visibility was not affected.

I don’t know why, but lately I’ve been trying to drive in the rain without my windshield wipers on. It doesn’t last very long. Visibility isn’t even very impaired by the time I run through the following thoughts in my head:

“Wow, those drops sure aren’t melting into the whole. I can see each and every one, farking up my vision.
If I crash and die, I wonder if the CSI will note that my windshield wipers were off and think I was trying some weird scientific experiment suicidal attempt by driving w/out them on. Or maybe they will assume they were knocked to the “off” position in the crash. Maybe the other drivers, the ones that feared for their life as I slowly veer into their lanes, will note that my wipers weren’t on and report it. Fuck this, I’m turning my wipers on.”

All these thoughts happens in about 5 seconds and I turn the wipers back on. And then I go about 35 more seconds wondering what it would be like to drive w/out my wipers on, and try it again. Rinse, repeat. Tell my children I love them.


This morning due to James car being at the subaru service dept AGAIN, why yes, AGAIN, only 6 months after HAVING THE ENTIRE ENGINE REBUILT (on their dime, I might add), for “not enough compression” in the engine block (that’s all we know at this point, they’re still looking) .. where was I? Oh yes.. children. Love.

This morning, I did bus drop-off for the kids, as James took my car to work and I worked at home. I watched Ethan climb aboard, and then what I knew was Ethan’s sillouhette, as he moved down the bus’ aisle, until he plopped in a seat somewhere in the middle and I could once again recognize him through the window. I blew him a kiss – because in a few short years, he is probably going to ignore me at the bus, if I’m even there. And in return…. He gave me the Spock vulcan “Live Long, and Prosper” hand sign. Since this kid has never actually seen star trek, aside from those burger king star trek movie bobble head figures that came in happy meals a few months back, I knew that he ACTUALLY meant to give me the sign language sign for “I love you.” But I gave him the vulcan hand sign back. I love you, and prosper, little dude.

Just so I don’t leave Jocelyn out, and therefore get complaints from her in her teens of how “you NEVER pay attention to ME!” I must say that we’ve got to get this girl some music lessons, and pronto. Ethan did a group piano class during his year of kindergarten, and has some materials still kicking around. So when Jocelyn asked me to teach her a song on the piano, I pulled out “Jolly Old St. Nicholas” and showed her the image showing where each hand goes on the black keys, and how each number in the song corresponded to a finger. She took to it like a duck on water, and now will play the first line by ear (no music), jazzing up the rhythms to make it more interesting.

I’ve always called her an artist, but we’re going to have to stick musician on there as well. Piano lessons here we come.


That’s enough for today, blog. I don’t want you to go into shock or anything. I do have some shop news – After envisioning several pieces PERFECT for halloween, but then not actually making them in time for the spooky season, I am happy that the 2 pieces I had planned for teh holiday season are finished and in the shop.

I call them my Festivity Necklace. Perfect for holiday events, the fun friend-thrown ones, or the try-to-make-them-fun work-thrown events!

I made one with cobalt blue and clear AB beads, and one in crimson red & midnight black beads:

I have kicked off my Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale – free shipping and 15% off all jewelry – have a look!

rainestudios on etsy

rainestudios on artfire

thanks, and happy thanksgiving!

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