Sep 03 2010

Upcoming CRAFT SHOW(s)!!

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Since the last 3 posts is probably the MOST I’ve written in my blog for the last YEAR combined, I think I should probably keep up the momentum, don’t you? 🙂

Least you think the only thing I’ve been worrying about is copyright issues, I have a craft show in ONE WEEK! And 2 more coming after that, though not all at once, thank goodness.

And.. ahem.. I haven’t really been worrying about it ENOUGH!


Last year, I did some last minute entering of craft shows – school cafeterias, church basements, fire department bingo rooms — you know, that sort of thing. I really did not do all that well. This year I decided to plan ahead, research some good shows, apply early and hope for better results. And I did.. and now… the first one is in a week!

While I have had this looming event in the back of my mind, I’ve been absent mindedly doing things to prepare. Now with it a week away, I find myself staring down the thought of, what now? A real show? What do I do? How exactly am I going to set up my booth?

Over the last few months I’ve bought a tent & table, a banner for my tent, a credit card “knuckle buster” and credit card slips, & some jewelry displays. As they’ve each arrived, I’ve kind of tossed it in a corner of my work area. (Except for the banner, which gets unrolled by small children, danced around, oohed and ahhed at, and then re-rolled up about every other night.)

I haven’t really even been busting my ass making more jewelry. I have tried to make doubles of things when I get orders, and I’ve been making my class samples in multiple metals (brass, copper and silver), but I haven’t really thought about if my inventory is *enough* inventory.

In fact, the table I bought is in our garage covered in all the discarded crap that is waiting for our fall yard sale. I should probably just buy another one! Probably two!

I think tomorrow I’m kicking James’ car out of the garage, setting up my booth, and make sure I get a list going for all those little finishing details.

-tent weights
-director’s chair
-figure out how much cash change to bring
-will i need a dolly or something to transport stuff from car-to-booth?
-do I still like my table coverings?

Oh yes, there’s the panic, I feel it settling in now 🙂 Let’s use it to motivate ourselves, shall we Amy?

One thing I DID do.

I made sure the booth tent fit in my Prius! So at least I know I can get there! LOL.

If you are in the Northern VA/DC Metro area next Saturday, I’ll be at the Taste of Falls Church Fall Festival at Cherry Hill in Falls Church — my spot is by the basketball courts. Please stop by and say HI!

Oh, and be sure to tell me my booth looks AWESOME!


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  1. Julieon 13 Sep 2010 at 1:56 pm

    Hey! So, the woman who won the bangle just loves it! She posted a little write up on her site about it, and some photos of her wearing it! Hope all is going great!

    Julie xo
    Julie´s last blog post ..Keeping busy