Feb 18 2015

Graduated Jens Pind Necklace Tutorial/Guideline

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I have had several requests on how to make a graduated Jens Pind necklace, to go along with my graduated Jens Pind earrings. Well, the wait is over! This video is not a “tutorial” really, more like guidelines. If you need to know how to weave Jens Pind, you will need to see the tutorial for that. Then, to see how the graduation is done, you’ll want to watch how I do it in the Graduated Jens Pind Earrings video. Since the steps to putting the necklace together are a little different than the earrings, I made this video to help folks through putting together a graduated jens pind necklace.

You can also purchase a kit for the necklace right here!

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