Sep 10 2009

new yin + yang earrings banner!

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I have so much to talk about (a trip! first day of school! jewelry!) … and no time in which to do so. But at least I have put up a new banner!

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(The earrings will probably be posted for sale tonight.)

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Dec 31 2008

new banner!

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Oh my god people! I have UPDATED MY BANNER!

You do realize, that this now means that black = white, and white = black.


You know, …

Sorry about that.

BUT WHAT DOES IT MEEEEAAAANN??? (the banner, I mean. What does the banner mean. Was I being cryptic? Sorry.)

It means that since christmas is over and I no longer have an occassion to give my jewelry away from, and also because I keep placing $80-$100 orders at various bead stores both in the real world and in cyberspace, and since I can no longer actually have any chance of WEARING all the pieces I am making[1. that’s a lie. i would totally wear all the pieces i am making, all at once, if at all possible.], and I have opened an etsy shop!

So, you know, please go check it out! And by all means, buy something! Because I have a bead order I want to put in already! Clicky clicky!

OK, so actually, there’s not much there yet. I’m having product photography issues. It’s hard, man, like, really hard! But I’m working on it, and hopefully will have some more stuff in the etsy shop soon.

Oh, and in the banner? On the left – the necklace I made my sister, which I really kind of wanted to keep, so it sucks she actually loves it, and on the right, the necklace I made for my mom, which she told me with glee she wore on her birthday[2. that i forgot to call her on, what a daughter i am!] on Monday. So! Success! I’ll show you the others soon.

So in the meantime! Go here! And feel free to buy something! Mommy needs a new set of hammers and anvils.[3. OK, actually, it would be momma’s FIRST set of hammers and anvils, but who’s counting?]


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Oct 09 2008

new october banner! FINALLY!

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I slacked off on the September banner, and yeah, I am somewhat slacking on this banner since.. *ahem* this photo was taken back in… *cough* August.


Plus, this girl, she’s SO DAMN CUTE in this photo!

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