Jul 11 2008

iphone – WANTY WANTY!

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James and I did a drive by our local AT&T store this morning and saw there was a decent sized line, about 40 folks. We kept on driving to work, hoping to go out later today and avoid the lines.


I’ve been using james’ old Treo 700w since my phone got ruined (and it still doesn’t work, after many man MANY days of drying out) and I have to say 2 things. The damn thing never rings EXCEPT WHEN I’M TESTING WHETHER OR NOT IT WILL RING, and solitaire is way too addictive. At least when I was addicted to sudoku I can rationalize it away because it’s good for your brain. Solitaire probably KILLS brain cells with it’s mindlessness. AND YET I CANNOT STOP PLAYING IT.


I already downloaded a crapload of applications already! Last night in fact, at 1:30am, because I could not sleep! Because I was too excited! ABOUT THE IPHONE!

OK, that isn’t true. I couldn’t sleep, but it wasn’t because of the iphone. HOwever, when I was laying there trying to sleep and trying not to look at the clock to calculate how many hours of sleep I could get before my alarm went off BUT ONLY IF I FELL ASLEEP AT THAT MOMENT, the iphone played a recurring theme in the brain that is me.



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