Jul 16 2008


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Well, the time has come to stop pussy footin’ around and get me an iphone. I took part of the day off and I’m not going home without one. Unfortunately, getting up at 5.30am got me to Tyson’s Corner mall (the only place on the apple availability checker* that still had 16G phones) at about 7am, and shortly after I arrived, the nice Apple guy came out and said they have plenty of 8G phones, but only a handful of 16G. Not enough to get to where I was in line. He also said they expected a shipment today but who knows when, how many, what, etc. I sat in line for a while longer, but then I got to thinking that as long as I was waiting around for a shipment anyway, I might as well head down to Fair Oaks and wait for *their* shipment. Fair Oaks is more accessible (Vienna is a mess to drive around in, so much traffic) and whenever I do get my hands on a few 16G iphones, James is going to have to meet me, and Fair Oaks would be easier for him.

*Just a note on this apple availability checker: The real one, on apple’s site, is only accessibly after 9pm. One night while I was sitting waiting for it to be 9pm so I could check it, I thought, “what if i just turn my clock forward?” Which I did. And it showed me the availability. Someone else noticed the same thing and put it in the page I linked to above, so you can check the availability anytime, not just after 9pm. I have double checked it’s accuracy by calling stores which the checker said had phones in stock, and it checked out, so this checker is pulling actual store inventory, and not estimated shipping or anything like that. Good stuff!

So I left and zipped down to Fair Oaks and am currently lounging in one of the loungey areas, right in front of the apple store. Nobody else is here in line, even though the availability thingee says they have the 8G in stock. Guess everyone wants the 16G! (Whoops, my bad, that is Pentagon City that has some 8G. This store is completely sold out.) I’m going to be hanging out here until they either receive some, or I see in the availability thingee that another store has gotten some in, in which case, I’ll be zipping on over.

In anticipation of getting the iphone, I’ve been reading up on it, downloaded a few iphone podcasts, etc. which has only served to make my iphone fervor reach MANIA level.

Wish me luck, because I AM GETTING AN IPHONE TODAY!